Hunter's Bar Junior School
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About Us

Our school vision statement:

"Hunter's Bar Junior School is a diverse, global and respectful community. We work in partnership to ignite learning for life in a safe and happy environment, where a creative approach ensures every individual reaches their potential."

At Hunter's Bar Junior School we respect and value

  • ourselves
  • each other
  • learning
  • our own and other people's belongings
  • school
  • our environment
Brief History: A few facts

  • The school was opened on June 17th 1907.
  • It was built to house 760 children.
  • The first head teacher was Mr Gould.
  • The annexe was added in 1947.
  • The school became mixed- boys and girls were first taught together in September 1957.
  • The garden was added in the top yard in 1996.
  • The computer suite was opened in 2001.