We at Hunter's Bar Junior School are proud to announce the launch of our brand new creative curriculum! Months of careful research, brainstorming and consultation were needed to choose the right model that will allow teachers and learners to work together to plan an inspiring and enriching curriculum.  This new way of working will give children the understanding, skills and attitudes to succeed and exceed at our school. We passionately believe that we are at the start of something very exciting and that it has the power to drive forward children's love for learning!
If you have any questions about the our fantastic new curriculum, please contact the school and we will be delighted to discuss it further with you.

Each theme is broken down into the following elements:

1)      The overarching theme

2)      A central idea

3)      The lines of inquiry


Here is each year group's overview for Autumn 2017:


Year 3

Overarching Theme: How the world works

Central Idea: Animals are affected by changes in the natural environment           

Lines of enquiry:

  1.        Why were the dinosaurs so successful at surviving?
  2.        What natural phenomenon did dinosaurs experience and why did they then become extinct?
  3.        How can we help animals today that are facing changes?


Year 4

Overarching Theme: How the world works

Central idea: ‘Everything is always changing from one state to another. This happens to everything and everyone.’

 Line of enquiry                

  1.        Are changes always good for everyone?
  2.        How can I change my actions to make a difference?
  3.        Changes are crucial to survival


Year 5

Overarching Theme: How the World Works

Central Idea:      This is how we survive. 

Lines of enquiry:

  1.        What is a healthy lifestyle?
  2.        How do people adapt to extreme circumstances?
  3.        Do animal lives matter?


Year 6

Overarching Theme: How we express ourselves

Central Idea: The arts accurately reflect the history of the world               

Lines of enquiry:

  1.        History is represented through art
  2.        History is accurately represented by art.
  3.        We can express ideas, feelings and beliefs through the arts