Hunter's Bar Junior School
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About Us

Hunter’s Bar Infant School and Hunter’s Bar Junior School Partnership Statement
We have formulated this vision statement because of the desire for both schools to work in close partnership for the benefit of all children and stakeholders.
Our shared core values are:
  • To be outward facing, open to change and ready to embrace opportunities, seeking partnerships that both support and challenge.
  • To work in partnership with all stakeholders in our school communities, enabling a culture with diversity and inclusivity at its heart.
  • To support children in finding their passion through promotion of independence and personal development; leading to confident happy children well prepared for lifelong learning.
  • To offer a broad and balanced curriculum that is exciting, creative, engaging and responsive, underpinned by clear learning pathways with high expectations.
  • A research driven, evidence based approach to teaching, delivered with rigour and consistency that has formative assessment at its heart.
  • A culture of habitual improvement by staff where self-reflection and a community of enquiry encourages everyone to achieve their personal best.