Castleton 2019
Here we shall give you updates as to what the children are doing at Castleton.
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Castleton 2018
Castleton Update Friday 2nd of March 2018
8:30am The children are enjoying a hot delicious breakfast. They then will be packing their bags for a safe journey back to school. We are looking forward to welcoming them back and hearing all their stories.
8:45am Castleton children will be arriving back in school around lunch time to continue their learning in class during the afternoon. Pick up for Castleton children will be at normal school closing time, 3:20pm.
10:30am The buses have arrived at Castleton and they are loading luggage and children as I type. We shall keep you updated as to when they arrive in school.
11:30am They are back and have loads of stories to tell! Including "the lasagne was amazing!"
Castleton Update Thursday 1st March 2018
9am - The children all had a great night sleep last night and a large tasty breakfast this morning. The snow has not affected their fun so far. Lots of happy and excited voices before getting wrapped up warm for today's weather amended activities.
10:30am Some of the children are currently enjoying a'winter wonderland jumblies (orienteering) activity!
10:45am Others are enjoying archery.
11:30am Parents did you know that there are three other Sheffield schools also enjoying residential visits today? We are keeping in regular contact with Castleton and HBJ staff as well as Thornbridge outdoor center as Educational Visit Coordinators. They have no concerns and are extremely happy the children are safe and having such a memorable experience.
12:30pm One of the groups have been building and firing siege engines.
1:30pm The children have had a delicious lunch and are now doing their afternoon activities. Some groups are learning about the Romans and Celts by wearing clothing that might have been worn during that time. 
J4 have been excavating and making fossil impressions. J5 have been building shelters this afternoon. It looks much less snowy than the group sheltering from the snow yesterday. They then learnt how to make a fire safely. J6 have completed an archaeological dig. They found some fantastic items. 
4pm Some of the children chose to make a candle from scratch! The rest enjoyed some games! They then had some free time in their 'dorms' before tea.....sausage & mash or jacket potato followed by lemon meringue pie, fresh fruit or choc ice! Yum!
8pm The children have all enjoyed the day's activities and have once again managed very well in the cold conditions. They've had a lovely tea followed by a good old sing song on the karaoke! Some children went up to bed for an early bedtime after a tiring day, whilst others settled down for a quick film. They're all still having a lovely time but I'm sure will be glad to see you all tomorrow! Expect either children that will sleep straight away or children that can talk all night about the fun they have had!
Castleton Update 28th February 2018
12 noon - We waved the children and their teachers off to Castleton this morning. Lots of excited faces on the bus. 
5pm - The children arrived safely at Castleton had lunch straight away, put on their waterproofs and wellies and headed outside into the snow for the afternoon activities. The children managed very well in cold, blizzard conditions and are now back inside warming up before tea time!
7pm - The children have all been fantastic today, they have loved doing archery, the jumblies challenge and they've made lots of excellent snow angels!
8:30pm - Some children have learnt about battle formations, making catapults and history timelines including period costumes.
7:30pm - The children have all eaten their tea and pudding, made their rockets for the egg rocket challenge and are now having a bit of free time in their rooms before a story and bedtime. Judging by the chatter and laughter coming from the bedrooms they're having a great time!
A note from Mr Handley "Today the children enjoyed a warm home cooked healthy dinner and after that the children made their egg rockets. At around 7:30 they enjoyed free time in their rooms. Many children enjoyed the hotel style accommodation and setting up their rooms how they wanted. The children were told to brush their teeth and get into their pjs and meet in the lounge for a story. A swift bedtime and lights out followed at 8:30. The staff have all worked hard to keep the children warm and feel safe and at home. The teachers are just carrying out their final checks before they will head to their rooms for some well deserved down time. I'm so proud of the children's resilience in dealing with the challenging weather and feel so privileged to see such lovely well mannered intelligent children. I know that all our HBJ parents will feel so proud of their little ones being so grown up. Looking forward to day 2"