Class Parents

The Class Parent system allows teachers to communicate to parents via an email group that is supported by one of the parents in their class. The Class Parents help to recruit volunteers for discos, send reminders about bake sales and deliver any other messages to the class from the teacher, usually via email. It is an extremely useful but simple way of supporting your child’s class. The Class Parents currently in place are:

J1: Helen Bowler (mum of Dylan)

J2: Barbara Tomasella (mum of Lucas) 

J3: Phoebe Pallotti ( mum of Lyra)

J4 : Karen Johnson (Mum of Aidan)

J5 : Joanne Ridley (Mum of Gracie)

J6 : Deb Mather (Mum of Gino)

J7 : Maxine Keller (Mum of Tyler)

J8 : Helen Kundu (Mum of Milan)

J9 : Class parent required

J10 : Class parent required 

J11 : Neil Midgley (Dad of Theo)

J12 : Sylvia Ward (Mum of Priya)


We are currently in need of a new Class Parent for J9 and J10.

If you are interested in helping out, please contact your child’s class teacher, the school office or the HSA.  We look forward to having you on board!