Events and Dates

On Monday 23rd of September, Year 6 will be holding a brief drop in session for any parents who want to come in and say hi. There will be an opportunity to look at your children's books with them and meet your child's class teacher if you haven't already. The session will be after school from 3.20 for about 20 minutes. We hope to see you there.
We will use this page to keep you up to date with any up coming events in Year 6. So far we have a few confirmed events.
J10 September 11th - 13th 2019
J12 September 16th - 18th 2019
J11 September 18th - 20th 2019
Whole school inset day. Teachers will be in, children will not - 22nd November 2019
The class assemblies for Year 6 will all take place in the first term.
25th September 2019 - J12
9th October 2019 - J10
23rd October 2019 - J11
Crucial Crew will take place on Thursday 4th June.
The End of Key Stage Assessments (SATs) will take place in the week commencing 11th May.