Home Learning

In Y3 it is vital that children are encouraged to develop a love of reading. They need to read every day, ideally for 15-20 minutes and should read a broad range of books and material. Magazines, comics, newspapers, the back of the cereal packet are all opportunities to read. They should choose a book that interests them and is not too hard, but also not too easy. Occasionally, it is fine to read an easier book if they have particularly enjoyed it. There are ideas about how to read with children on the back of the Reading Bookmarks.  
It is also very important that they can hear books that are too difficult for them to read by themselves, they will pick up new vocabulary and styles of writing that they can then copy in their own writing. 
Every day, after you have read with your child, just sign their Blue Reading Bookmark. Once it is full they can bring it in to school and post it in the Reading Bookmarks Box outside J4. Every week, 1 lucky winner is drawn form the box and will receive a lovely new book to keep.
We have 67 books we recommend children read before they leave HBJS which you can find in the link below. If you need advice please ask Mrs. Stockley for recommendations. 
 Your child now has a login and a password for our fabulous Times Tables Rockstars website. By playing on this they should notice a significant improvement in their times tables knowledge, a hugely important skill that will help them in all their maths. Please encourage them to play as often as they can. 
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