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Easter 2019 Ancient Greek myths home learning:
The story of Theseus and the Minotaur!
The Year 3 theme for next half term will be ancient Greece. To prepare you for your new theme, we would like you to read the incredible story of Theseus and the Minotaur!
This can be accessed in the PDF below this post.
We would then like you to produce a creative response to the story in the form of a cartoon, a re-telling, a plays script, a game, a letter or a piece of art etc. Please bring these to your teacher on Monday 15th April.
Enjoy this fabulous tale!
Spring 2 week 5 homework
Due in 15th April 2019
Rodocodo website URL
Levels 1-3 accessible
How will you debug your programmes when you go wrong? Explain how you did it to an adult!
Use language such as debug, programme, command, sequence and algorithm.
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In Year 3, we will be handing out new home learning once every two weeks, usually on a Wednesday.

We expect that each Y3 child:
  • reads their book banded book to an adult at home for at least twenty minutes per day and completes a blue reading bookmark every 10 reads. Please sign the bookmark each time your child reads. The bookmark will then be entered into a prize draw to give each child the chance of winning a new book in the Friday Gem Assembly. Children should be taking home a book each day to read at home. It should be brought back into school for daily 'Reading for Pleasure' time.
  • practises a times table using the times table practise sheet.
  • practises the 'Spelling pattern of the fortnight', using the Look, Cover, Write, Check method.

N.B. Some children will be taking home a reading book in 'The Talisman' and 'Totem' series with accompanying tasks, if they are part of a focus reading group. Please ensure that these books are brought to school every day. 
From time to time, children may bring home a Maths worksheet as part of the Maths No Problem scheme. This should require no further support from an adult as it is an opportunity for the child to independently practise the key skill from that day's lesson.
Children can bring in their weekly home learning back to their teacher to receive a gem for their gem family. 
The Y3 Team