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Home Learning

Home Learning – Oaklands School
Please use this page as a guide to support your child's weekly home learning. It focuses on the key skills and knowledge that your child needs to develop over the year. It will be the same each week and may be supplemented from time to time with theme related home learning tasks. This will be shown on the Y4 Learning Blog.
Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions or email the team at...
Best wishes.
The Y4 team

Read something every day



We recommend that at home, children read for at least 15 minutes a day either to a grown up or on their own. Please sign the yellow book mark to show that you have heard your child read. After 10 ‘reads’, please ask your child to bring in their completed bookmark to claim some gems for their gem family.


We would also recommend that parents read a more advanced book to their child to help them appreciate more grown up ( but still age appropriate) language and ideas to feed their imagination.


Recent favourites include: Frostheart, Harry Potter, the works of Enid Blyton and The Wizards of Once.


Here are five reasons why we think children should read for pleasure every day:


1. You can learn amazing things about the world.

2. It helps you to understand how other people think and live.

3. It makes learning easier at school.

4. You learn new and exciting words.

5. It strengthens your memory.

Learn your times tables
By the end of Year 4, pupils are expected to recall the times tables up to 12 x 12.
The best way to support your child in achieving this is:
  • Daily counting in multiples of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,11 and 12;
  • Weekly fun family times table quizzes;
  • Playing Times Table Rockstars for 10 minutes a day.
Times Tables Rock Stars: Play
Children can use their existing login details to access their account.
Please use the times table grid below to help your child learn the times tables away from a screen.
Choose Your Words (and Techniques) Carefully in Spelling Instruction |  Reading Rockets
Learn the high frequency words.
The most commonly used words that children learned in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 often need to be revisited.
The lists below can be used for daily, weekly fun quizzing. Learning how to spell these words will support their writing greatly.