Hunter's Bar Junior School
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The TDT Network is a movement of schools and colleges working together to transform professional learning in schools. The Network is run by the Teacher Development Trust, the national charity for professional development in schools. Both the Network and charity are working towards powerful professional learning for everyone. Powerful professional learning helps children succeed and teachers thrive.
Hunter's Bar Junior School are long standing members of the Teacher Development Trust and have been awarded the highly coveted silver award for CPD quality. 
The school is now a CPD Hub, working in conjunction with Learn Sheffield and the TDT.

CPD Excellence Hubs Programme


The most disadvantaged children need access to the best-supported teachers and effective professional development which not only helps teachers to thrive, but all pupils to succeed.

The Teacher Development Trust, the national charity for professional learning is launching a new DfE funded project in Sheffield and Derbyshire to support schools in developing the most effective CPD. 

Hunter's Bar Junior School will be a CPD Excellence Hub and, with TDT, will be working closely with nine schools to develop the best practice around CPD processes and structures. These schools will have bespoke coaching, a review of current practices and support from January 2018 to May 2020. Each school will receive some funding to support engagement in the process.

Former Education Secretary Justine Greening said: “This new fund proves our commitment to creating a culture of high-quality on-going professional development throughout a teacher’s career. I hope that thousands of teachers across the country will benefit and I’m particularly pleased that we are targeting the schools where it is needed most.”
View the project handbook link below and visit the TDT website for futher detail
Hunter's Bar Junior School is proud to be a long standing partner school hosting students from Sheffield Hallam University's Sheffield Institute of Education.