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Remote learning - Autumn 1

This page is dedicated to remote learning from home. This is learning that takes place at home while your child is away from school. The work set below is expected to cover up to two weeks of school absence and will be updated each half term.


We would like your child to complete as much of the following work as is appropriate for your family circumstances. We recognise that family health and well-being must take priority over learning in challenging times. 


Please use the following email address to get in touch with your teachers with any questions:

Please put your child’s name and class in the subject line.

Start with a daily session on Times Table Rockstars.
Now, please complete one maths lesson per day. This will involve watching one video and completing a task sheet. The videos are in order and the tasks are found below. Start with the first video and then try 'place value questions 1'. 
Use the answer sheet to check for success. Have another go at any questions you got wrong.
White Rose Maths - Home | FacebookAll the videos for this week's maths are on the following web page:
If you have any additional time, try looking on the BBC Bitesize website for some catch-up maths.
We recommend that children read for pleasure for at least 15 minutes a day either to a grown up or on their own. 

Free Oxford Owl E-books! – St Nicholas CE Primary Academy


Books are available as a free ebook from Oxford Owl. You will need to create a login, but then you will have access to all of their available ebooks which cover the book bands we have in school. We suggest that your child starts on a level they are reading in school and then selects a more challenging label when they are ready.

Oktapodi! – St John and St Francis Church School
For your writing homelearning, we would like you to retell a short animation called Oktapodi. Follow the planning sheet below, which has all the resources in it. However if the resources don't work, they can also be found below on this webpage.
Examples of Handwriting Styles - Draw Your World - Draw & Write Together
At HBJS, all children learn to join their letters using cursive (joined up) writing. It helps children to build up their writing speed, improve their presentation and helps in the learning of spelling.
Please choose a letter to practise on some lined paper.
we recommend these joins:

oo, oa, op, od, ob, ol, ot, of, ou, ow, ov, ri, ru, re, rk, rt, ve, va, we, wa, wh, fe, fu, fi, fa, fl, ft

Here is what each letter looks like:

4th - Mrs. Schultz / Spelling Lists

Use these resources to support your spelling of common words.

The best way to help you remember them forever (save them in your long term memory) is through regular quizzing and practice.

1. Choose 10 spellings to learn from the spelling lists below.

2. Practice them on your own using the spelling strategies below.

3. Ask an adult to test you after a bit of 'forgetting time'.

4. Practice the ones you got wrong.

5. Choose your next 10 spellings including any old ones that you still need to learn.

6. Adults can informally test you throughout the week on a mixture of spellings learned over the weeks. This helps spellings (in fact, any knowledge) to be saved in long term memory.


These spellings should be learnt by everyone. If you know you have gaps in your spellings, start with the Y3/4 list. If you are a more confident speller, start with the Y5/6 list.


In school, we will be beginning to learn all about World War 2. Please follow the link below to a series of six lessons on Oak Academy, which tracks some of the major events during this period. Each lesson has a teaching video and tasks set for you to do.
If you would like a creative task, take some time to follow this tutorial and create your own beautifully drawn and coloured Spitfire airplane - an icon of the Battle of Britain and the RAF's contribution to the Allies' victory in WW2. Please email in your finished artwork!
If you want a real challenge, why not try these codebreaking activities? Codebreakers made a vital contribution to the Allies' victory in WW2, which you can find out more about in the video below. Good luck!
Fitness Guru's Home Workouts Leave Parents in Need of Ice Packs - WSJ
We would like you to do a fitness video from the Joe Wickes lockdown back catalogue.
Choose your video and get moving!
Click here.
Well being
Five Ways to Well-Being – Barlby Bridge Community Primary School
Take time out each day to sit still and be mindful. 
  1. Get mindful by listening to this video.
  2. Get supple and try some yoga here.
  3. Who will you say 'thankyou' to today?
  4. Draw 5 of your all time favourite memories
  5. How can you help someone today?
The Oak Academy
 Scrat's acorn | Ice Age Wiki | Fandom
The Oak Academy is a website that provides free daily lessons for pupils of all ages.
If you find that this option works better for your family circumstances then please feel free to use it.
You might want to explore the Year 6 resources to find something particular or you could access the three daily lessons (schedule).