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Remote learning - Spring 1, Day 1

Welcome to the Year 6 remote learning page!
Below are all of the resources and links that you need for your first day of remote learning at home. Each day there with be maths, writing and theme, as well as either a reading or grammar lesson. We encourage you to create and stick to a daily plan for your learning. We suggest:
Morning - maths and writing 
Afternoon - reading/grammar and theme
As well as this, you should read independently for pleasure for at least 20 minutes per day, and aim to do some physical activity.
You are expected to send in at least one piece of work per day so that your class teacher can provide you with guidance and feedback about your learning. Please send a photograph of some of your work to the year group email address:
Today you will be recapping past learning about percentages. Watch the video, following the instructions you are given, completing the worksheet when you are ready. You can check your answers when you are done. There is also an extension problem for you to try.
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Whilst you are at home, we would like you to follow a unit of work on Oak Academy, in which you will be doing some creative narrative writing about one of history's most famous detectives - Sherlock Holmes!
Each day there will be a video lesson with tasks from you to complete, building up to a piece of independent writing.
Where are the world's rivers?
In this lesson we will be learning about rivers around the world. We will mainly be focusing on the continents of South America, Africa and Europe.
In this lesson, we will analyse the opening pages the book 'Greenling' by Levi Pinfold.