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Remote learning - Spring 1, Day 2

We would like you to follow the same structure for each day of your remote learning. The resources you need are listed below. Your suggested plan is:
Morning - Maths and Writing (approximately one hour each)
Afternoon - Reading/Grammar and Theme (approximately an hour and a half), Reading for Pleasure (at least 20 minutes)
As well as this, don't forget to send in one piece of your work for your class teacher to give you feedback about to the year group email address:
Today you will be converting fractions into percentages, understanding the relationship between the two.
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How do rivers shape the land?
In this lesson, we will be learning about how rivers shape the land. We will be learning about the four types of erosion, the four types of transportation and learning about what deposition is.
Today you will be recapping simple, compound and complex sentences in the context of our scene from 'Sherlock Holmes'. When you have completed the video lesson, your task is to write 3 simple, 3 compound and 3 complex sentences all based on the scene we have been studying. Record the sentences in a notebook or journal.
In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. Then we will revise the differences between clauses and phrases. We will then introduce the four types of simple sentence: statement, command, question and exclamation. We will then have an opportunity to apply this learning.