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Remote learning - Spring 1, Day 3

Today you will be learning in more detail about finding equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. There are the usual White Rose tasks, plus an additional resource for you to use to improve your fluency.
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What landforms do rivers create? (part 1)
In this lesson, we will be learning about what landforms are and how they can be created. We will also be looking at how rivers can create dramatic landforms by studying the Horseshoe Bend in the Grand Canyon and the Nile Delta in Egypt.
In this lesson, we will be developing our understanding of what life was like during the Victorian era and mind-mapping extra vocabulary to use in our writing lessons. We will also have a specific focus on using prepositional phrases effectively. As an additional outcome to the lesson, you should record a complex sentence for each word learned that uses them accurately, as well as many synonyms for the words as you can find using an online thesaurus.
In this lesson, we will explore how the different characters in Greenling react to the title character.