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Remote learning - Spring 1, Day 4

Today you will be learning how to order fractions, decimals and percentages by finding their equivalents. There is an extension with SATs-style questions involving this skill.
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What landforms do rivers create? (part 2)
In this lesson, we will be learning about how meanders in rivers are formed. In order to do this, we will be looking at the process of erosion and deposition in more depth. We will also be learning about how an oxbow lake is formed.
In this lesson, we will introduce new vocabulary, identify word pairs and synonyms and apply the vocabulary in sentences. Again, make sure you write a complex sentence that correctly uses each of the words you learn in today's lesson. Aim for at least one sentence per word.
In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. Then we will practise identifying main and subordinate clauses. Next we will explore what a preposition is and apply our knowledge through a range of questions.