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Remote learning - Spring 1, Day 6

Today you will continue on with your learning about finding percentages of amounts. There is then an extension task in which you are using fractions of amounts to solve a problem.
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In this lesson, we will be learning about the physical causes of flooding as well as the human factors which can increase the risk of flooding. We will also be learning about dams by studying the Aswan High Dam in Egypt.
Complete the online lesson by watching the video, then move on to the P4C task.
In this lesson, we will step inside Sherlock's office at 221b Baker Street and finally see what lies behind the mysterious front door. We will develop our knowledge of clauses and phrases, and generate descriptive vocabulary about Sherlock's office.
Alternatively, you may want to go back to the very first video we watched in Lesson 1 (linked below - video starts at 4.15), in which a carriage is chasing Sherlock across the dark streets of Victorian London. You could use your learning so far to write an extended, suspenseful narrative retelling of this event.
In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. We will then focus on developing our understanding of prepositions.