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Remote Learning Spring / Summer - Day 1

Welcome to day 1 of your remote home learning. We hope you and your family are okay. 
You are expected to complete the Maths, Writing, Reading and Theme task each day.
On some days there will be a reading session alongside independent reading time. On other days will only have independent reading.
We will expect a piece of Maths or Writing work each day to be emailed to your class teacher. The teacher will provide feedback on the submitted work through an email or a phone call.
You should aim to complete some exercise daily to support your fitness and well being. See below for your daily plan.
We would also like pupils to complete 30 minutes of key skills per day. This should involve a balance of spellings, times tables and handwriting. Please use the 'Daily Skills' page to complete these.
On our Y4 Well Being and Creativity page there are lots of ways you can get creative and look after yourself. This is a great page for a daily drop in. 
In total, the work should take about four hours per day.
If pupils or adults have any questions about the home learning, please contact the class teacher at
Best wishes

Independent Reading

In Y4, we expect children to spend between 20 and 30 minutes reading their books. This can be done independently or with an adult or sibling.

To engage with a text

In this lesson, we will explore a non-fiction text about the deep sea. First, we will explore the features of a non-fiction text and then we will read two pages and answer some questions on the text.

To identify the features of a newspaper report

In this lesson, we will discuss journalistic writing and the purpose, audience, language and layout of newspaper reports. We will read an example newspaper report and identify some of the key features.

Which countries are in South America? What physical features can we find in South America?

In this lesson we will recap our knowledge of the seven continents of the world, then we will zoom into the continent of South America. We will name and locate the countries of South America and then look at some of the physical geographical features we can find on the continent. We can then compare these to the area of the UK where we live!