Hunter's Bar Junior School
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The Gallery

J3 conducted a fair test to see how different liquids affect egg shells.
Autumn 2 2018
How the world works
Inquiry 1 - What are fossils and how have they helped us learn about dinosaurs?
Autumn 1 2018
Line of Inquiry 3: What do artefacts tell us about Ancient Egyptian burials?
Journey to the Afterlife!
On Friday, we went to Weston Park Museum. First we went to the amazing, fantastic Egyptian room. We learned about two mummies who went to the Children's Hospital so they could be scanned to find out about Ancient Egyptian times. It was so interesting! Next we went to the mummification room and we mummified Fred (a person who had died).  We also made servants for Fred called shabtis, which we made out of modelling clay. I loved the mummification workshop. Then we had lunch and after that we went to the museum and all of the galleries! My favourite bit was the circus gallery. I loved the day! I was really sad when we got back to school.
LK in J2
Y3s designing and painting Egyptian jewellery, practising clay skills and creating scarab amulets.