Thornbridge Residential J10

Here we shall give you updates as to what the children are doing at Thornbridge.
Updates can also be seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please add and follow our pages for updates and news from Hunters Bar Junior School.
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Thornbridge Update 1 - Wednesday 14th November 2018
The children have arrived and are beginning to find their way around. They are unpacking and learning about their first activities. 
Thornbridge Update 2 Wednesday 14th November 2018
J10 have already settled into the swing of things at Thornbridge. We already have a few pictures to show you. Watch this space...
Thornbridge Update 3 - Wednesday 14th November 2018
Just before they set off canoeing. Hopefully nobody got too wet.
Thornbridge Update 4 - Wednesday 14th November 2018
A beautiful sunset tonight at Thornbridge hopefully the children will see lots of stars tonight after the night line.
Thornbridge Update 5 - Thursday 15th November 2018
Great fun had today canoeing and on the low ropes, Mr Hurley fell out of his boat!!! - ready for the next challenge...... sky ropes! 
Thornbridge Update 6 - Friday 16th November 2018
The children are excited for today's challenges. Joining in with schools odd sock day!