Thornbridge Residential J11

Here we shall give you updates as to what the children are doing at Thornbridge.
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Thornbridge update 19: Friday 9th November 2018
High wires for the last group today. Would you do it? Are your children braver than you?
Thornbridge Update 18 Friday 9th November 2018

I have received an update from Mr. Preston regarding how everyone is getting on;

Doing amazing! Brilliant night last night, included singing and dancing. Today they are doing skyropes, climbing wall and Thornbridge challenge. They are raring to go and throwing themselves into all activities!


Thornbridge Update 17: Friday 9th November 2018
Yes this is real! No it hasn't been photoshopped! These are your children doing the washing up.
Thornbridge Update 16: Thursday 8th November 2018
A few last pictures from today's activities.
Thornbridge Update 15 - Thursday 8th November 2018
Concentration and listening skills are required in this activity. Easy for this group!
Thornbridge Update 14 - Thursday 8th November 2018
I hope they don't leave her dangling there for too long.
Thornbridge Update 13 - Thursday 8th November 2018
All change this afternoon. Different activities for each group. How about a spot of canoeing?
Thornbridge Update 12 - Thursday 8th November 2018
Thornbridge Challenge complete!
Thornbridge Update 11 Thursday 8th November 2018
Overcoming our fears is part of the Thornbridge experience. The fears are not the same for everyone. For some it might be the dark, being away from parents, trying new food, being high up or on the water. We are so proud of all our children facing those fears head on.
Thornbridge update 10 Thursday 8th November 2018:
Mrs Hersey is shocked at the bravery of her group on the high wires. Just take a look at some of these pictures!
Thornbridge update 9 Thursday 8th November 2018:
Wow defying gravity on the low ropes. Pretty impressive!
Thornbridge Update 8: Thursday 8th November 2018
The Thornbridge challenge for some children today. If you didn't think they would come home muddy, smelly and tired you may need to prepare yourself. The smiles show they are having an amazing time. The tunnel doesn't seem so bad in the daylight!
Thornbridge Update 7: Thursday 8th November 2018
So many fears faced today on the high wires challenge. Can you believe your children did this?
Thornbridge Update 6: Thursday 8th November 2018
Low ropes course today. The children showed great resilience when faced with challenging tasks in the low ropes today.
Thornbridge update 5 Thursday 8th November 2018
All ready for group 2 on the low ropes this lovely autumnal morning.
Thornbridge Update 4 Wednesday 7th November 2018
J11 Children all tucked up in bed. Awesome night line. Well earned cuppa for the HBJ staff.
Thornbridge Update 3 Wednesday 7th of November 2018
We had an absolutely awesome evening with J11 at Thornbridge Outdoors. After eating a delicious dinner of lasagna and toffee sponge the children went out to complete the night line. Not only was it pitch black but they were also blindfolded to make sure they could not see.
The children showed great communications skills, determination, kindness & overcame some fears. Some children walked into a few trees, some didn't know their left from their right, but all of them gave it a go.
They were able to stand at the end and see the stars in the darkness through the trees in a moment of rare silence.
Thornbridge Update 2 Wednesday 7th November 2018
A rainy first day for J11 but it didn't matter because they were on the water.

Thornbridge Update 1 Wednesday 7th November 2018 - Class J11 have set off from school and are on their way to Thornbridge. The children were extremely excited all with happy smiling faces.

If you need to contact someone with regards to your child whilst they are away please contact us on 01142660547 during school hours or alternatively in an emergency out of school hours please ring 07497191665.