Thornbridge Residential J12

Here we shall give you updates as to what the children are doing at Thornbridge.
Updates can also be seen on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Please add and follow our pages for updates and news from Hunters Bar Junior School.
Thornbridge Update 1 - Monday 12th November 2018
J12 arrived safely. They have been split into teams and are enjoying their first activities. Some are currently canoeing, some on the low wires and some doing the Thornbridge challenge. Everything is going well and they are all having a great time.
Thornbridge Update 2 - Monday 12th November 2018
The food has arrived! Lasagna, vegetables and jacket potatoes with sticky toffee pudding. Huge portions for everyone with lots of second helpings. Yum Yum!
Thornbridge Update 5 - Tuesday 13th November 2018
Breakfast over and done, activities started. Canoeing for one group. Hopefully no one capsizes today. Yesterday three went back with soggy clothes.
Thornbridge Update 3 - Tuesday 13th November 2018
Apologies we have not shown you any photographs from Thornbridge of J12 yet. We are having a few technical problems with the wifi. Rest assured we have taken lots of photos and will upload them to you as soon as the wifi permits.
Thornbridge Update 4 - Tuesday 13th November 2018
The children had a great night last night. Up this morning and ready to start today's activities. First the important job of breakfast!
Thornbridge Update 7 -  Wednesday 13th November 2018
Guess who took an early bath!