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Y3's well being and creativity page

Please use this website to access activities that promote mindfulness, well being and creativity.
If you have any other ideas that you think could be shared with your year group, please email us on
Have fun!
The Y3 daily well-being check-in
Have you asked yourself the 8 self check questions today?
1. Have I connected with friends and family today?
 connect Icon 348257
2. Have I exercised today?
Exercise Icon 14930
3. Have I eaten a balance of food groups today?
health eating Icon 2670941
4. Have I drunk enough water today?
Water Bottle Icon 2455113
5. Have I completed my work today?
procedure Icon 52863
6. Have I created something today?
creativity Icon 476601
7. Have I shown my gratitude to others today?
gratitude Icon 1561336
8. Have I engaged with nature today?
Garden Icon 641931
zones of regulation
Have you checked in with your emotions today?
Keep your body healthy
Read this pack from Joe Wicks about the importance of keeping fit through excercise.
Choose your groove: What music do you turn to when things get rough? |  Pittsburgh Post-GazetteGet musical!
Choose some an area of music you would like to learn more about. Learn about pitch, timbre, rhythm and much more.
Click here.
(hmmmm that picture reminds me of someone...)
  Yoga is a fabulous way of relaxing and energising your body. It can help you to calm down and feel better. Below there are some links to some yoga lessons you might like to try.