Hunter's Bar Junior School
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Y5 Gallery

In P.E. we have been looking at individual and group balances. We have tried to form different balances which also involve supporting a ball. Take a look!
Who We Are
The Y5 children have created a brilliant display celebrating who they are, what makes them unique but also what unites them as part of a school and nation. Each hexagon celebrates a child's identity or experiences of "lock down" and at either side we have two recipe poems celebrating our communities. 
The Atlantic Slave Trade
In our theme work, we have started learning all about the Atlantic Slave Trade and Britain's involvement in it. We have spent some time looking at 'the middle passage' the awful journey on slave ships from Africa to the Americas. The children have tried to imagine what it would have been like for the poor slaves on this journey. Here is some writing they have done.
Human Rights
We have been learning about Human Rights in our reading sessions this week. We asked the children to rank some of the key Human Rights in the order of importance for them. Following this, pupils had to say which Human Right they believed a slave would have valued the most and why.
A Slave's Journey
Miss Scott has been busy putting together a display which showcases Y5's fantastic writing from the point of view of slaves on their journey from Africa to America. The children have really impressed us with their emotive writing and harrowing recounts. Well done!
Ancient Benin Inspired Art
The Y5s have been learning about Ancient Benin, it's impressive and complex culture and how it ultimately became part of the British Empire. As part of this, the children have made masks inspired by the bronze cast masks that were made in the Kingdom of Benin. We think the final results look stunning!