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Y5's Wellbeing and Creativity Page

Please use this website to access activites that promote mindfulness, well being and creativity.
If you have any other ideas that you think could be shared with your year group, please email us on
Have fun!
This half-term we have been looking at the human body, and how we can keep ourselves fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. 
To that end, we have recorded a 25 minute HIIT workout below, as physical exercise is good for both our mental and physical health. 
Are you ready to channel your inner Joe Wicks? Then let's go!
The Y5 daily well-being check-in
Have you asked yourself the 8 self check questions today?
1. Have I connected with friends and family today?
 connect Icon 348257
2. Have I exercised today?
Exercise Icon 14930
3. Have I eaten a balance of food groups today?
health eating Icon 2670941
4. Have I drunk enough water today?
Water Bottle Icon 2455113
5. Have I completed my work today?
procedure Icon 52863
6. Have I created something today?
creativity Icon 476601
7. Have I shown my gratitude to others today?
gratitude Icon 1561336
8. Have I engaged with nature today?
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Keep your body healthy
Below you can find #ThisIsPE lessons from the Yorkshire Sport Foundation and a link to Joe Wicks YouTube page. 
Choose your groove: What music do you turn to when things get rough? |  Pittsburgh Post-GazetteGet musical!
Below are a video and a supportive document for Home Learners from the Sheffield Music Hub. 
The video focuses on musical skills through singing (as this is the most accessible and transferable instrument given the current situation). 
You can also continue to learn about pulse, rhythm, pitch and much more by using resources from the Oak Academy. Click here.
(hmmmm that picture reminds me of someone...)

The Challenge... 

At the end of video 3, we set a challenge for each Key Stage. KS2 are challenged to create a structure for their song using the template we have provided. These challenges are your music lesson for this week. If you are struggling with the KS2 challenge, record a piece of your choice from the last 3 weeks and send us that!

We would like you to record your child/children doing this challenge. You can upload your video directly to the Google Form which is located in the Description Section of each YouTube Link. In return Roz will produce a video for each group/child who submits a video giving feedback, encouragement and tips for you to watch.

zones of regulation
Have you checked in with your emotions today?