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Y6 Learning Blog

Welcome back from your lovely winter holidays. We've been delighted with the attitude of the children as they've come back. They haven't lost their interest in learning and are showing ever more 'Year 6' attitudes and behaviours around school.
This half term, we will be mainly studying a theme based around World War II and linking it to the world we live in now. We will be exploring this through history, geography, art and P.E.
A highlight of Year 6 is always the Lindy Hop competition which will take place next half term where children will compete across the year group for the Glitter Ball Trophy. We are already immersed in the practice.
We will also be looking at the Mi Amigo plane crash which happened close to our school in Endcliffe Park 75 years ago this year. This cause is currently being championed by Dan Walker from BBC Breakfast and we hope we can get involved in the memorial events.