Y6 School Blog

Welcome Back to School

Year Six have made a flying start to the year and the children are already rising to the task of being top of the school. They have been setting an example with their behaviour when moving around school, lining up on the yard and in assemblies. Well done on a fantastic start!

We started the year with a three day mini-topic on heroes in which we looked at the qualities heroes have and how the children in school might apply these. Having become heroes for the year, we have now started a first full topic exploring how art shows historical events. The topic will focus primarily on The Second World War and will look at a range of different art styles alongside the history of this global event.

Coming up shortly (week beginning 16th October) we have the Year Six residential visit to Thornbridge Outdoors! This is an amazing opportunity for the children to try new things and push themselves in the stunning setting of the Peak District - we can't wait!

Come and Say Hi

This Thursday (28th September) is your chance to come and say hello to your child's class teacher and to see their classrooms. From 3:25, your child's teacher will be in their room and ready to say hello. Please sign in at reception and make your way upstairs to find their classroom. We look forward to meeting you.

We are really looking forward to a successful year and will keep you up to date with all the exciting learning we get up to on this webpage so do call by and check it out.

Your Year Six Team,

Mr Goodhand, Mrs Stockley, Mrs Amin and Mr Hull

The Secrets Of Success

At Hunters Bar Junior School we encourage children to follow the Secrets Of Success. These secrets contain eight attributes we hope to see our children aspire to and display throughout their lives.

The eight secrets are as follows:

. Work Hard

. Concentrate

. Don’t Give Up

. Improve

. Try New Things

. Understand Others

. Imagine

. Push Your Self

In Year Six we put a real emphasis on these skills and positive attitudes and try to ensure that children embed them into their school life. We believe that if children use the Secrets Of Success they really can achieve anything!


The HBJS Readathon

(week beginning 2nd October)

 It will soon be time for the HBJS Readathon Week (Week beginning 2nd October). This event is a fantastic tradition at our school and a week the whole school community looks forward to.

During this week, the children in each class will have an afternoon of pure reading bliss. Children will read for pleasure silently for the whole afternoon and will try to get as much sponsorship as possible for their efforts. Any money raised is then invested in brand new books for their classroom, which they can choose as a class. We cannot wait!

Readathon Part Two
A huge well done to all the Y6 pupils who completed the HBJS readathon. All three classes had a lovely afternoon of reading for pleasure and really enjoyed the chance to lose themselves in a great book. 
Please bring in any sponsorship money as soon as possible so we can start to update and restock our classroom bookcases. 

Lindy Hop Competition

The Y6 Lindy Hop completion took place on Thursday 26th of October and was a real success. Around about 90 parents attended and all the children danced their socks off. Each class demonstrated all of school secrets of success and put on and immensely enjoyable and entertaining show which left children and adults smiling throughout. The judges (Mr Goodhand, Mrs Stockley, Mrs Amin and Mr Hull) had a near impossible job in selecting the semi-finalists, finalists and ultimately the winners. Talking of winners, a special mention must go to Freya T and Lola from J11 who were crowned our Y6 Lindy Hop Champions. Year six however, were all winners and did the school and themselves proud with their attitude, confidence and hard work. One parent comment went so far as to say, “Best school event ever!” Another parent had to invent a new word to describe their joy, “FABTASTIC!”

A huge thank you to Mr Ryan and Ms Scott who went above and beyond to make the experience authentic by decorating the hall and organising the event from behind the scenes. Can we do it all again please?

Spring 1.


Welcome back everyone. It's been really nice to see everyone so well rested after the two week holidays.


This half term, out central theme is all about the statement “we have a duty of care to our oceans”. Children will be looking into our impact on the ocean environment and studying various different aspects of human and physical geography.


Alongside this, we will continue to develop key maths, writing and reading skills to help prepare kids for their end of key stage 2 tests, secondary education and beyond.


We are looking forward to a successful and enjoyable spring term and hope the children are too.

Year Six – Making a Difference

Our central theme for the half term is, “We have a duty of care to our oceans”. As part of this theme, we have been looking at the use of plastics and how, despite its many useful properties, plastic waste is becoming a real problem, especially in our seas, oceans and waterways.

In the coming weeks, the Year Six children will trying to take action to help our school become greener and more environmentally friendly. How and if the school achieves this aim is very much in the hands of the Year Six children. So, get your thinking caps on and start thinking. What can HBJ do to help the world? What lasting impact can you have on our environment both locally and globally? Think big Year Six – it’s time to act!

Working Hard to Make a Difference
We have been really impressed with the Year Six children's enthusiasm and desire to make a difference to the local environment and the wider world.
The children have really been considering the impact of our plastic use and have been reviewing the ways in which plastic is useful and the ways in which it can be harmful to the environment. 
We are looking forward to see what the children come up as proposals in terms of making the HBJ use of plastics more effective. 
Maths Maths Maths
Children in Year Six have been working exceptionally hard to improve their understanding of two key areas in maths this half term - percentages and ratio. 
We have been really impressed with their hard work and concentration and have seen some fantastic progress in these areas. 
Keep busy at home and try the following:
Find 10%, 5%, 20%, 50% and 95% of £330
In a sale, a £44 jumper is reduced by 15%. What is its new price?
Mr Goodhand shares £400 between Mrs Stockley, Mrs Amin and Mr Hull in the ratio 1:3:4. How much money does each of these teachers get?
Keep up the hard work.
Practice Makes Perfect
The Year Six children have been having a go at some End of Key Stage Two tests (or SATs as they are also known). So far we have been really impressed with the positive attitudes, hard work and concentration shown by all the children during these tests. If the children keep up this we have no doubt they will go on the be successful in the real things. 

Here are the links to the practice tests we have done this week should you wish to have a look at home.