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Club Links

Hallamshire Tennis Club

Our link with the local tennis club is perhaps one of our strongest. As South Yorkshire School Games champions 2014-15 we owe a lot of our success to the excellent coaching our pupils receive at the club. Hallamshire is the home of 2012 Wimbledon double's champion Johnny Marry and Hallamshire coaches have been providing lunchtime clubs since 2010. Their hugely successful and popular clubs have introduced many of our children to the delights of tennis. A number of our pupils regularly compete for Hallamshire and the club offer fantastic facilities for parents and children to get involved. Various activities and sessions available. Please use the Hallamshire Tennis link above to visit their website.

Hallamshire Squash Club

A relatively new club at HBJS, starting in 2014. The qualified coaches deliver a fun and exiting lunchtime and after school session as part of the HBJS extra curricular offer that has grown massively in 2016. Home of the three times world champion Nick Matthew, his new Apex coaching programme is proving hugely successful. Activities and one to one coaching sessions available. Please follow the Hallamshire Squash Club link for further details.

South Yorkshire Orienteers

A local club offering opportunities for all ages to take part in the sport of Orienteering. This club proves to be hugely successful with the pupils of HBJS with over 30 in attendance during 2015-16. Open to parents, beginners and advanced. Various sessions run during evenings and weekends. The club achieved Clubmark in 2007. Click on the link above for more details.

Elite Karate

Julian has been instructing Karate at HBJS for the last few years on behalf of Elite Karate Centres. The sessions are extremely well attended and run with good discipline and control. The children progress through their Grading and receive belts in recognition of their hard work and progress. Lessons outside of school run at various times during evenings and weekends. Check out the Elite Karate link to see their website.

Yoga Nature

Jo has been providing classes at HBJS for several years. Each new class is hugely successful and is often over subscribed. Jo runs classes outside of school also. Classes currently run on Saturday mornings at Haggler's Corner S2 4DU. Click on the Yoga Nature link for more details.

City of Sheffield Diving

Hunter's Bar have been involved in the Sheffield club's Diving talent identification programme for a number of years. In 2015-16 we were one of only ten schools selected across Sheffield to take part in the nationwide ID programme. Click on the City of Sheffield Diving link to get involved. - Click here for information on the National Diving Programme.

Sheffield Steel Junior Roller Derby Club

Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers is Sheffield's first co-ed Junior Roller Derby team, for pre-teens and teenagers aged between 8-17 years old.

Launched on Sunday 7th February 2016, we are the home of junior derby in South Yorkshire offering a fun alternative to traditional sports. Join our movement to redefine the notion of what it is to be involved in physical activities and what it means to be an athlete! Our very own Miss Stevens is an active member of the club so to find out more ask her or click here.