School Council

School Council

Being a member of the School Council @HBJ

At HBJ, we have a School Council which represents all members of the school community. Each member is democratically elected by their class mates and can only be school councillor once.


Roles and responsibilities of a School Council Member


The role of a School Council Member:


  • You will attend regular meetings with other School Council members from each class.
  • You will take ideas and suggestions your class have to discuss at School Council meetings.
  • You will bring back ideas, information and suggestions to your class and encourage your class to listen, discuss, share their views and, where necessary, vote on actions that need to be taken.
  • You will help to organise charity events throughout the year.
  • You will encourage the pupils in your class to be aware of their school environment and to respect and care for it.


Specific qualities needed to become a School Council Member: As an individual, you may bring lots of additional skills and abilities to this role in particular, however to be a successful School Council member you need to:


  • Be reliable.
  • Be proud of our school and want our school to be the best it can be.
  • Listen carefully to the views of others and take their ideas on board.
  • Represent the majority view of your class, even if you don't agree!
  • Commit time to this role and accept that you may need to do things during break times and/or lunchtimes.
  • Be enthusiastic.
  • Be kind and respectful.
  • Be patient.

This years school councillors:

  •  J1 - Hal
  • J2 - Edward
  • J3 - Evan
  • J4 - Asbah
  • J5 - Arabella
  • J6 - Poppy
  • J7 - Hamza
  • J8 - Seth
  • J9 - Ella
  • J10 - Jack
  • J11 - Maya
  • J12 - Leo