YST Innovation Schools Project

The Innovation School network is about developing a culture of collaboration and professional dialogue. Working together to use the power of PE and sport to improve wellbeing, achievement and leadership through school based research and collaboration.

The schools involved in the network will work across seven areas of specialism, using the power of PE and sport to improve young people's aspiration, attainment, achievement and employability.

HBJS was identified as a successful practitioner within the field of physical education and sport. As such, we have been invited as one of only four Primary/Junior schools nationally to join the network during its first year.

Schools joining the Youth Sport Trust Innovation School network, are invited to identify one strand as a specialism. This could be either an area where success has already been proven, or it may be a new area that has been identified as a priority for the school. HBJS have chosen to use the enthusiasm and engagement of learners to identify weaknesses and make improvements in physical education and see if this can be transferred to other areas of the curriculum.

Innovation Schools need to have the commitment to make the work a key focus of the school's development over the next three years and the capacity to share learning throughout the network.

Having completed our first year of involvement in the network, we would like to share with you our findings from this research project.