School Values

School Values


The values of the school are the things we teach, promote and reward, enabling the children to be able to achieve the school purpose and ultimately be learners for life. They are central to our behaviour curriculum and each have examples of how that value can be achieved.



We are kind and compassionate

We use kind hands and feet

We use kind words

We use good manners

We encourage each other to succeed

We listen to others and include them

We follow all adult instructions



We are responsible for our choices 

We learn from our mistakes

We are honest

We look after our equipment

We look after our environment

We are punctual

We keep our class and school tidy

We are organised

We complete our home learning

We wear the correct uniform



We concentrate

We work hard

We never give up

We think about our learning

We pay attention to the teacher

We ask for help when we need it

We take a pride in what we do

We support our classmates