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Extra English in Isolation

                             Extra English
This page is designed to offer you some additional reading and writing activities. You should use this page if you finish your daily English lesson very quickly (under 45 minutes) or if you fancy doing a little bit more writing or reading - perhaps you are feeling especially creative.
Have you ever read a book that you really loved and then not been sure what to read next? Have a look at this website below to see lots of suggestions for different authors that you might love to read.
Pobble 365 is a great website for any creative writer. It will give you a daily image to write about alongside a story starter, some comprehension questions and some grammar work. You could touch base with this every day and see if it inspires you to write.
Oxford Owls is a great resource for readers. Now that libraries are sadly closed, allow this website to help you find fantastic things to read during your reading for pleasure time. Remember, aim for 30 minutes of reading each day just like we would do in school.
Literacy Shed is a website full of inspiration images, ideas and videos to inspire fantastic writing. Felling creative? Why not give this a go.