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Y3 Learning Blog

June 2018 update


Hello Y3 parents and carers.

We hope you all had a fabulous half term break and are looking forward to our final half term in Y3.

It was lovely to see so many parents at the Y3 Ancient Civilisation pop-up museum at the end of last half term. The children were so pleased by the amount of parents who came to see their work. It was a wonderful event and we look forward to many more in the future.

For our final curriculum theme, we will be using the following central idea: We will be remembered for being responsible citizens. As part of this theme we will be exploring their effect on the world environment by looking at carbon footprints, greenhouse gases, food miles and transportation. We would appreciate it if your child could bring in a large plastic bottle so that they can grow their own herbs and vegetables using re-usable packaging.

Also could you kindly help your child find and bring in any clean food packaging that shows the country of origin, please? A variety of countries would be fantastic!

Finally, we would love to show children a working allotment in the local area, so if any parents/ carers have one that they could kindly show us around, we would be extremely grateful.


That’s all for now!

We look forward to a brilliant final half term with the children.


Best wishes from the Y3 team

May 2018 update


Hello parents, carers and children.

What a fabulous half term we've had in Y3. A few weeks ago, the children had an enriching and calming time at the Buddhist Centre sampling the joys of mindfulness and meditation. They have also explored the life of people living in Ancient Greece and Egypt and are now able to articulate their preferred civilization giving a number of persuasive reasons.

The Y3s visited Weston Park Museum this Tuesday to extend their understanding about ancient civilizations through artifacts and the exhibitions. Thank you to all parents who supported the children on the trip.

Please continue to look out for Y3 fortnightly home-learning and please join us on Friday mornings for our Parent Maths mornings from 8:40 to 9:00

Thank you for your continuing support.  Have a fabulous half term break with your families.

Best wishes

The Y3 team

Summer 1 update

Hello to all parents, carers and Y3 children. The Year 3 team hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break with your family and friends and are fully refreshed to begin our final term.

The Y3 learners will be continuing last half term's theme about how different ancient communities (Ancient Greece and Egypt) were organised paying particular attention to religion, architecture, childhood experiences and games. The Y3 children will then go on to explore the similarities and differences between these communities and their own.

We are very excited to announce that we will be going on two local trips this half term: Weston Park Museum and the Buddhist Centre to support our theme work about Egyptian communities and our RE enquiry into Buddhism. Letters will follow shortly. Children will also be continuing to write amazing narratives about the discovery of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter and will be mastering written methods for subtraction and multiplication. It should be a cracker of a half term!


Best wishes

The Y3 team



Spring 2 update -  February 26th, 2018
Welcome back to all our lovely Year 3 students and parents. We hope you have had a fabulous break and are looking forward to a fantastic half term of enquiry learning, achievement and fun!
We are very excited to launch the brand new Year three enquiry...
Overarching Theme:  How we organise ourselves
Central ideaSome communities are organised differently to others
Lines of enquiry:

1. How was life organised differently in Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt?

2. Which place would you rather live in –Ancient Greece or Egypt?

3. How is our society organised?

4. Which place would you rather live in – past or present?

Teachers will be setting a home-learning project over the half term and in the Easter Holidays to help foster and develop children's independent enquiries! Watch this space for futher details...


In other news, the Y3s welcome Chi Dire from SpaceHopper Studios into our classrooms to show us how to become amazing coders. We will be taking part in a coding project that helps students prepare for more formalised coding and programming in the future. We cannot wait!

Have a great half term.


The Y3 team


 February 2018 Update
Wow, what a month it's been for our lovely Y3 children! We have been learning how to be Geographers in our topic work developing map reading and compass skills, and building awareness of major features on a world map.
Black Boot Bart paid us a visit last week and told us about the fascinating life of a 17th Century pirate, blowing many stereotypes we had about piracy clean out of the water! 
In maths we have just begun our adventures into fractions! Children will be building on their conceptual understanding of wholes and how they can look very different ( a box of sweets, a 30cm ruler, 10 cubes, £20) and how they can broken into equal size pieces.
Thanks to all parents attending the Friday Parents Morning; it's always a pleasure for the children and ourselves to see you. 
Best wishes
The Y3 team
The Year 3 parent maths mornings are open to all parents and carers each and every Friday morning. Please come and join the children in learning their 2,5,10,3,4 and 8 times tables. These sessions last for twenty minutes from 8:40 to 9:00 in each off the three classrooms. We look forward to seeing you there.
The Y3 team
January 2018
The Y3 team wish you all a very Happy New Year and a warm welcome back to school for the start of our Spring term.
The children have come back refreshed and eager to get learning about their new topic.
Our central idea is 'The things we need and want are not always shared equally' and uses the life, experiences and context of pirates to explore it. Arrrr! The children will be comparing and contrasting the realities of pirate life with the stereotypical experiences we have all come fondly to know.
We will be cautiously welcoming 'Black Boot Bart' into our school in early January to reveal the historical context of piracy. He will be relaying the life of a pirate and blowing away any false impressions and expectations we may have about who they were, what they did and why they did it. This experience comes at a small cost and we kindly ask parents to contribute in order for the visit to take place.
Children will be exploring and developing key geographic skills on their journey this half term, learning about compass directions, angles of turn, map reading and much much more. The Y3s will be taken on a learning journey helping them to challenge ideas  of stereotypes and truth. We will be using Philosophy for Children as a vehicle to explore these ideas, where children will be able to think in different ways and develop their own ideas inspired by a range of provocations. The lines of inquiry will then move on to ask the the children to identify where natural resources can be found around the world and how fairly they are distributed. This will give children the opportunity to develop their own opinions on morality in the modern world.
In other areas of the curriculum the Y3 children will be learning how to perform gymnastic routines, exploring the strange tale of 'The Ice Place', learning about the concepts and applications of division and fractions, and writing swashbuckling narratives!
Have a great half term everyone and we look forward to seeing you at our Friday Maths mornings.
The Y3 team
 November 2017
Welcome to your new school!
Hello Y3 children, parents and carers! What a superb start to the year we've all had! All children have settled nicely into their new classes and the staff are enjoying getting to know all the new children.
The children have kickstarted the year by learning how to be fantastic, independent learners. The children are bringing themselves into their classrooms, organising themselves for the day and getting straight on with morning starters to get their brains working!
We have now begun our Dinosaur themed topic and the children are currently building their ancient habitats ready to house their own self-designed dinosaurs. Watch out for future posts showcasing these wonderful projects.
Thank you to all parents who have helped bring in boxes and materials to support the project. It's been invaluable.
Y3 Parent 'drop-in'
Thursday, 28th September, is your chance to come and say hello to your child's class teacher and to see your child's classroom. From 3:25, your child's teacher will meet you on the yard and take you into the classrooms. We look forward to meeting you then.
Please keep your eye on the year 3 web page for reminders, art galleries, book reviews and learning links.
The Year 3 Team
Mr. Beauchamp, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Allen, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Wales, Mr. Fairweather and Mrs. Mather