Hunter's Bar Junior School
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A tour of the school with Mrs.Stockley.

Here is a tour of the school with Mrs. Stockley.  Watch it and then see if you can answer the questions at the bottom. 
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1. What was the name of the teacher who took you on the tour?
2. What colour is the Y3 door?
3. What word can you see on the entrance pillars on Sharrow Vale Road?
4. How many different entrances are there into the school?
5. Are the tyres on the top or the bottom yard?
6. Is the grassy area on the top or the bottom yard?
7.Can you think of two things you might play on the bottom yard?
8.What do we normally use the Hall for?
9. What animals do we have in HBJS?
10.The Y3 classes are near the library. True or false?
11. Can you name 2 Coping Strategies from the display?