GEM Families

When children start our school they join one of four GEM families. The GEM families are a way of creating a sense of belonging within school, whilst also providing a way of organising children into groups for some healthy competition.

Earning GEMS

Children can earn GEMS for demonstrating positive attitudes to learning and behaviour that link with our SECRETS OF SUCCESS, this reinforces positive attitudes. 

GEM family competition

In preparation for Friday’s Celebration Assembly the GEMs are totalled across the whole school. The totals are then announced in the assembly, with the winning GEM family earning the privilege of going to dinner first. There is also an exciting prize at the end of each half term for the GEM family with the highest overall total. The prizes are usually experiences and have included workshops with a graffiti artist, circus skills and making Newtonian fluids, children have also had the chance to spend the afternoon at Endcliffe Park and had a movie experience.