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Welcome to the Y3 Learning Blog- a place where you can have a look at what we've been doing in Y3 and what will be coming up as well. 
Our new theme is called Character and Mood can be Expressed Through the Arts.
We will focus on these Key Concepts this term- Form, Perspective and Causation
We've been studying fossils closely using magnifying glasses and using our close observation skills to draw what we see.
Today we were investigating the human digestive system with a little help from some tights, bananas, cream crackers and orange juice.
Our small intestine is shown here as the food is squeezed down towards the large intestine.
And then our muscles help to push out the waste products from our bodies.
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Our first topic is called We Use Artefacts to Discover the Secrets of Ancient Egypt.
Below you can find our Knowledge Organiser, which will tell you all about our current topic.