Autumn 1-Remote Learning Isolation Day 1


We hope you and your family are okay.

 For the next ten days, we would like you to follow the same timetable. You should be aiming to do about 3 to 4 hours of work each day: 1 hour of maths every morning, 1 hour of writing every morning, 1 hour of theme every afternoon and a reading session every day that should last about 40 minutes.

We would also like you to be reading for pleasure for 15 minutes each day and practicing your times tables.

There is also a daily keep fit video to use to keep active and healthy. 



Maths - 1 hour

Writing - 1 hour



Theme - 1 hour

Reading Lesson - 40 minutes



Reading for pleasure

Times tables

Fitness Session


Remember, if you have any issues with the remote learning or accessing any of the resources please email

Put your child's name and class in the subject line and your child's class teacher will respond as soon as they can.

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Download the 'Why Am I Special?' powerpoint presentation below. Answer the questions on each page. You could say your answers out loud or write them down. Then, download and complete the human jigsaw by writing down something that makes you special in each piece. 
                                                  PE and Well being

Monday  - Mindfulness / Headspace

Click here

Tuesday – Kids workout

Click here

Wednesday – Tai Chi

Click here

Thursday – Go Noodle

Click here

Friday – Dance

Click here