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Y3 Learning Blog

Don’t forget, children are invited to dress up as an animal and bring in a small donation on Friday 12th October to celebrate the school’s new designated charity for 2018-19, The Yorkshire Wildlife Park!


Hello Y3 parents and carers.

What a fantastic five weeks we’ve had with the children. The time has simply flown by! We have been exploring the life of ancient Egyptians through studying artefacts such as Death masks, mummified cats and cartouches. The children are currently in the throes of describing the story of Howard Carter and his discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. They have worked so hard on rehearsing and forming accurate and engaging sentences that engage the reader. They can’t wait to show them off to you in the future! In other areas of our EPIC curriculum, the Y3s have been learning Physical Literacy skills such as dodging, falling and balancing and having a lot of fun trying to apply them in game situations.

Autumn 1 Central Idea: We use artefacts to discover the secrets of Ancient Egypt.

Focus curriculum area: History

Lines of enquiry:
 Where is Egypt?
 What was life like in Ancient Egypt?
 What do artefacts tell us about Ancient Egyptian burials?


In one of the recent ‘In focus’ maths reasoning tasks, we challenged the children to investigate how to calculate 521 + 231. We always ask them to find three ways to answer the question. How many can you find? How do you know that you are correct? What resources could you use to solve it? Can you generalise a rule and provide some examples to support your thinking? What is the most efficient route to the 'treasure'? Can you connect your understanding to other areas of maths? 

The Year 3 'Fine motor skills' workshops are open to all parents and carers each and every Wednesday afternoon from 2:40 to 3:10. Please come and join the children in developing their cutting, ruling, drawing, folding skills! These sessions last for approximately thirty minutes in each off the three classrooms. We look forward to seeing you there.
The Y3 team

September 2018 - Welcome to Year 3


From all Y3 staff, we wish you a warm welcome to Hunter's Bar Junior School!

We hope you all had a fabulous holiday with family and friends and are ready to begin an exciting new chapter.

We will be spending the first two weeks getting to know the children, learning about school and class routines, understanding what makes an amazing learner and learning about how teamwork and a diverse community can make us happy and  successful.

We look forward to meeting all the children, parents and carers on our first day back.

Best wishes from the team

Mr. Beauchamp (J3 teacher/ Head of Year/ Lead Practitioner)

Mrs. Prince (J3 teacher)

Mr. Allen (J1 teacher)

Mr. Jenkins (J2 teacher)

Mr. Fairweather (Teaching assistant)

Mrs. Mather (Teaching assistant)