Hunter's Bar Junior School
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A message from Mrs.Stockley.

This week's learning overview.
White Rose Maths Video links for each day.
Maths Lessons Activities - 1 per day.
Maths Help Desk Lesson 1.
Maths Help Desk Lesson 2.
Maths Help Desk Lesson 3.
If you are finding it a bit tricky have a go at these activities instead.
Maths Challenges.
Reading Lesson 2- Mrs.Stockley's Stone Age character.
Reading Lesson 3- Stone Age Comprehension texts, questions and answers.
Writing Lesson 1- Miss Drohan's plan.
Writing Lesson 2-WAGOLL, sentence stems and word mat.
Writing Lesson 3- 
Help Desk video 

Editing videos links 2 and 3.

Theme Lesson 1
Theme Lesson 2