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Y5 Learning Blog

It's been a really fantastic start in Year 5 this year. The children have come straight into a mini theme based around the idea of heroes. They created their own superheroes to solve a global problem like flooding or food poverty and gave them superpowers to enable them to help. They then created a list of small changes they could make in their own lives to be their own mini superhero.
Our theme this term is based around the idea of survival and the children will be spending time thinking about everything a human being needs, and uses, to survive. We'll have some visitors coming in to talk to us and some other great opportunities for enrichment.
In maths this half term, we will be focussing on place value and the four main operations. This will take us into November and should give the children an excellent foundation for the rest of the Year 5 maths curriculum.
In writing, we begin by creating our own twisted fairy tales by altering well known stories with our own unique twists. This is a great opportunity for the children to show off their writing to their new class teachers, all of whom are really looking forward to reading them.
We'd love to meet as many of you as possible before the end of the half term. With the later parent's evening this year, we won't see you to talk about your children for quite some time so it would be fantastic to be able to meet and chat on the yard prior to then. Your children's class teachers are outside most days (weather permitting!) and would love to meet you.
We're really looking forward to an amazing year which the children will find exciting and memorable.
As we move into Autumn 2, it's been another fantastic start with the kids coming back ready and raring to go. The children seem happy and focussed and ready to push themselves to do their best.
In maths, we are focussing on multiplication and division for the first few weeks of term. If you want to do some extra work at home with your kids, please get them as fluent as possible with their times tables. We are practising this regularly in school but any extra help would be fantastic.
In reading, we have moved onto a book called, 'There's a boy in the girl's bathroom'. Please could we ask that you do not read this at home with the children as this will make their experience in school much less useful.
In writing, we are continuing our HIIT explanations based around the Science we have been looking at. Hopefully, your child will be coming home and pushing you to do some intensive exercise. Good luck and if you have any photos of you exercising, please send them into school so we can see if our project is working or not.
We are also continuing with R.E. looking at Christianity; art, focussing on sketching and detail and in P.E. our topic is fencing.
As always, if you have any questions or queries, we are on the yard most evenings and would really like to see you all.
This may be the shortest term of the year, but we had so much excitement to squeeze in! Our theme was 'How we express ourselves using pattern and colour' - something which made our class assemblies a great sight to behold.
In maths we were looking for patterns within number sequences, shapes and nature. The Fibonacci sequence gave us our way in and before long we were be spotting, predicting and creating patterns of our own. 
Pattern's also play a role in stories and our two main pieces of writing this half term will reflect this. Firstly we used the animation 'The Ghosts of Pere Lechaise' to structure our own suspenseful narratives. Then we looked in detail at the key moments in the lives of our heroes, the paths they followed and wrote biographies to show all we had learnt.
On Monday 12th March Science and Engineering Week turned each classroom into an aeronautical challenge. Using home made gyrocopters the children had to design a single gyrocopter which could fall more slowly than any other in the class - wings changed size, paper clips were manipulated and 'go slower' stripes were drawn. In the end though, there could only be one winner - and they came from J9!
Our art and science also followed the theme, leading us to investigate and create optical illusions and understand why our brains struggle to interpret them.
We have several themes coming up in the summer term: 'Tyranny and Trade', 'How are we responsible for the environment we live in?' and 'How does communication affect our everyday lives'.
We will be doing lots of art in the (hopefully) sunny weather and we will be writing some letters, some narratives and some reports. We will also be creating some junk art and using Modroc to turn these into sculptures.
We are planning to do a sponsored walk and we also have a trip to the theatre in the pipeline. We'll keep you informed of these events as we confirm them.