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The Year Five Learning Blog
Hello and welcome to the Year Five Learning Blog.
In this space of the website we will endeavor to keep you up to date with all the fantastic learning and work which is going on in Year Five. Expect updates from pupils, teachers and staff alongside photographs of work to showcase what we have been getting up to during our school days. We hope you enjoy following our learning journey in Y5. 
Pop Up Museum
Thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to come and see our Y5 pop up museum on climate change and animal extinctions. For those of you unable to attend, here are a few pictures of the children's work. We hope everyone enjoyed their visit and learnt something from the pupils impressive work. 
Our current Y5 class reader is A Series of Unfortunate Events - The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket.
Where We Are In Time and Space
Power Leads To Corruption
Happy new year and welcome back to school. 
During the spring term, the children in Y5 will be considering where we are in time and space and exploring the central idea that power leads to corruption. We will be looking at Shakespeare's Macbeth and exploring how power drives and motivates the characters to act how they do. We will also be having an in depth look at a very dark period of our history, the Atlantic slave trade. 
As we study these two areas, we will consider the following lines of inquiry:
1) In what way does power change people?
2) How can we learn from those in power?
We hope the children are engaged, interested and enthusiastic for the work to come and that they all have a very successful 2020.
Sponsored Walk
In Y5 we have been learning about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers across the globe. As part of our learning journey, we were visited by some asylum seekers who had been supported by a local charity, Assist. We decided it would be a good idea to undertake a sponsored walk to raise some money to support Assist and all their fantastic work in Sheffield. 
The children were fantastic on what was a very cold walk to Forge Dam cafe and had a really good time. The behaviour of all children (and adults) was exemplary and a credit to the school. 
A big thank you to all the parents, carers and school staff who came along with us. Hopefully we will raise some very useful funds to help asylum seekers in Sheffield. 
We Each Have A Responsibility For The Environment
During the next half term, the children in Y5 will be looking at the central idea that we each have a responsibility for the environment. During this theme we will tackle two key lines of inquiry:
1) In what ways to do humans contribute the climate change?
2) In what ways does climate change contribute to animal extinctions? 
We will be focusing on key geography, science and art skills to help bring this theme to life and provide children with an in depth understanding of one of the key issues affecting their future. 
Have a look at our brand new knowledge organiser to get a better understanding of what we will be covering. 
Multiplication and Division
During the next half-term, the Y5 children will be studying multiplication and division. We will be looking at reasoning, problem solving an mathematical fluency in this area. A really great way to support at home is to log onto Timestable Rockstars and make sure you have mastered those multiplication and division facts. The Y5s have had a real drive on the 7 timestable in particular!
Women's Rights
Children in Y5 have been looking at the history of women's rights, the on going fight for equality and the role gender plays in our society. As part of this, the children will be writing to local MPs to make sure that gender equality is championed by our politicians so that this generation can hopefully grow up in an even more equal and fair society. 
Making the Main Thing the Main Thing
In Y5, we are covering and learning lots of different things across a whole range of different subjects. However, during the next five or so weeks we are having an extra focus on mastering three key parts of learning.
1) Our seven times tables
2) How to correctly punctuated dialogue (speech) in our writing
3) Understanding what our key concepts mean (responsibility, reflection, causation, perspective, connection). 
We are revisiting these key learning points regularly, having low (or even no) stakes quizzes of our knowledge in these areas and trying to apply our learning to different situations. If we keep the main thing the main thing, we are sure the children can master these three key parts of our learning. 
Is the point of a journey just to reach a destination?
In assembly this week we looked at and discussed the idea of making the journey to a destination or outcome really count. Yes, we all want to get to where we're going, but sometimes the getting there can be really important.
When we link this to our learning in school, we saw that the journey to new learning is crucial and we need to make the most of it. If we focus too intently on the outcome and not on how to get there it can often take longer and lead to less success. 
The key message - take your time and think on your learning journey. 
At some point during the week beginning Monday 21st October, the children in Y5 will be taking part in the annual Readathon. This event has been a successful and much loved fixture in the HBJ calendar for many years. The Readathon is a whole school fundraiser to help school replenish and refresh the supply of books in school. Children will be sponsored (sponsor forms have gone home with a letter) to read for a whole afternoon - what a treat! All funds raised will then go back into school to buy new books for the children. I know the children cannot wait and nor can the Y5 teachers, who love getting lost in a great book!
Maths No Problem
The children are really getting into the swing of things with Maths No Problem in Y5. So far we have been exploring, problem solving and reasoning with a range of place value problems and we are moving on to look at addition and subtraction. 
Want to help with maths at home? Log on to Timestable Rockstars or support your child(ren) to know all their timestables up to 12 x 12 by practicing and quizzing. Little and often will make a big difference. 
Refugee Visit
We're really looking forward to our visit from some asylum seekers and refugees based in Sheffield next Monday. The children will be hearing about their life stories and what has brought them to end up in Sheffield. Children will also have a chance to ask questions and find out for themselves about the journeys of our visitors. 
The following day, we will undertake a sponsored walk to Forge Dam to help raise money for Assist - a Sheffield based charity which helps asylum seekers in our city. Fingers crossed the weather stays dry and we have a fantastic time. 
What are we reading in Y5?
All three Y5 classes are currently reading Shadow by Michael Morpurgo. The children have been really engaged in this book and it's powerful narrative. The book deals with many of the issues and topics we are discussing and working on during our current unit and is already proving a great topic of class discussion and debate. 
Tuned Percussion Project
On Wednesday this week, the children in J8 started work on their tuned percussion project. This ten week project involves staff from Sheffield Music Hub delivering a weekly session using different tuned percussion and will culminate with a performance for parents and carers (date to follow shortly). In previous years this has been a real highlight of the year for the children in Y5 and J8 got off to a flying start managing to learn a song in their very first session and to perform it as a whole class group. Mr Goodhand was very proud. 
Children in J7 and J9 will be involved in this project during the Spring and Summer terms.