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13-07-2020 This Week's Home Learning

School Reports
We hope all parents and carers have received their child's school report. Any more report comment sheets / emails would be gratefully appreciated if these have not yet been returned. They can be emailed into
Thank you for your ongoing support,
The Y5 Team.
Hello and welcome to week 13 of the HBJ home learning.
We hope you are all well and ready for another week of learning!
The layout for the learning this week should be very similar to the previous weeks' learning and hopefully you'll find it easy to pick up and get going with. 
Below are three videos, one by each class teacher, reminding you of the expectations and talking your briefly through this week's work. Remember, we will be requesting that one piece of this week's work is emailed in to on Thursday.
Keep checking in with the gallery pages and the school closure photo and video page for images of what you've been doing and messages from us. Also, check the 'Watson This Week' page for a weekly assembly. 
Remember to stay active and healthy and above all to be kind and thoughtful during these strange times.
Mr Goodhand, Miss Tucker, Mrs Bridges, Mrs Schmidt, Mrs Ahmed and Mr Hewson
J7 - A message from Mrs Bridges

J8 - A message from Mr Goodhand

J9 - A message from Miss Tucker

Have a look and have a go...
This Week's Learning Overview
Maths 1 - Times Tables
Flash Back
Have a look at some maths we covered earlier in the year.
Maths Daily Lessons - Week 10
You may not have a protractor - don't worry, you can use estimation skills. 
You may not have a protractor - don't worry, you can use estimation skills. 
Maths - Extras, Games and Challenges
Reading Comprehension
Writing 1
Writing 2
Writing 3
Oracy (speaking and listening)
Topic 1
Topic 2
Topic 3 - Recall