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HBJ EPIC Curriculum

At Hunter's Bar Junior School, we are proud of our  EPIC curriculum!
What do we mean by 'EPIC' curriculum?
Evidence-led & Enquiry based
Months of careful research, brainstorming and consultation were needed to choose the right model that we believe will allow us to get the very best from our teachers and learners.
This approach gives the children the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes to succeed and exceed at our school and beyond. We passionately believe that we are at the start of something very exciting and that it has the power to drive forward our children's love of learning!
If you have any questions about our fantastic curriculum, please contact your child's class teacher or Mr Watson and they will be delighted to discuss it with you. 

How it works:

Each year group covers five themed units throughout the course of the year. There is an additional unit that is studied by the whole school, which is usually spread out across the year and takes place at the beginning of each term.

The units of inquiry all contain the following three aspects:

1) The overarching theme (A general title that captures the theme)

2) A central idea (A statement that will be investigated, confirmed or challenged that sits at the centre of the inquiry)

3) Lines of inquiry (A series of three or four questions that will serve to lead the inquiry)