Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr Michael Watson                      Head teacher & Assessment Lead

Mrs Kelly Hersey                         Deputy Head teacher, Inclusion Manager & Curriculum lead

Mrs Jacqui Stockley                     Head of Year 3 & Speaking & Listening / EAL

Mr Alex Beauchamp                     Head of Year 4 & Lead practitioner

Mr Jack Goodhand                       Head of Year 5 & Writing lead

Mr David Preston                         Head of Year 6 / Maths lead / Key Stage 2-3 Transition

Mrs Jo Carter                               School Business Manager


Year 3 Team

J1               Mr Lawrence Jenkins (Geography)

J2               Mrs Jacqui Stockley (SLT) & Mrs Sally Ismay

J3               Mrs Nea Maycock (Reading) & Mrs Helen Walton (RE)

Mrs Joanne Mather                        Teaching Assistant Level 3 

Mr Clive Fairweather                      Teaching Assistant Level 2   

Miss Rachel Newton                       Teaching Assistant Level 2


Year 4 Team

J4               Mr Charles Vickers (Mrs Emma Schmidt - History)

J5               Mrs Rachel Amin (Speaking & Listening / EAL) & Mrs Sarah Wales (Art)

J6               Mr Alex Beauchamp (SLT) & Mrs Jackie Bridges (Reading)

Mr Thomas Hewson                          Teaching Assistant Level 3

Mrs Kristina Booth                           Teaching Assistant Level 2   


Year 5 Team

J7               Mr Babajide Adebola (PE)

J8               Mr Jack Goodhand (SLT)

J9               Mr Peter Bainbridge (IT)

Mrs Louise Blacksell                         Teaching Assistant Level 3 & Medicines manager

Mrs Saima Ahmed                            Teaching Assistant Level 2


Year 6 Team

J10             Mr Daniel Hurley (Writing)

J11             Mr David Preston (SLT)

J12             Mr Daniel Allen

Mrs Nancy Silvester                              Teaching Assistant Level 3

Mrs Sajida Khurram                              Teaching Assistant Level 2


Additional Teaching Staff

Mr Babajide Adebola                          P.E lead & Sports Premium                                              


Learning Support

Mrs Susannah Williams                       Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Medicines Manager

Mrs Keeley McGregor                          Higher Level Teaching Assistant / Class Cover 


Midday Supervisory Team

Jabeen Akhtar, Jill Gilbert, Sofia Ali, Farzana Wajid, Nimrah Hussain, Mary Green, Saieeda Alsam


Office Team

School Business Manager                Mrs Jo Carter

Finance Officer                              Mrs Sarah Wright

Administration Officer                     Mrs Abigail Poleykett

Administrative Assistant                  Miss Kate Barnett           

Whole School Assistant                   Ms Claire Scott

Learning Mentor                             Ms Ashwa Abdulla


Premises Team

Building Officer                              Mr Chris Wilcox

Cleaners                                       Mrs Carole Leadley, Mrs Sue Smith, Ms Celine Bouzin