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6.7.20 This week's learning

Hello! It's week 6 of Summer 2...How time has flown....We hope you're all well. Have a great week.

Hello and welcome to Summer 2 Week 6 of the Y4 HBJS home learning!
This week, we continue our half term theme, Connection and creativity helps improve our well being.
Please continue to use HBJS emotional resilience strategies and the Daily well-being check-in to promote mental health and well-being.  
New! The Y4 end of year reports were emailed last week. If you have not received yours, please email us at the Y4 address and we will send it to you.
New! Beat Mr. Bainbridge and strengthen your memories in this week's Kahoot quiz about the Romans in Britannia. How much can you remember?
Reminder! Use the last two weeks of home school learning to practise your spellings.
Reminder! Please remember to refresh this web page to ensure that all new content is accessible.
Reminder! Check out the Oxford Owl reading website and the Y4 reading recommendations!
If you are struggling to engage with the online materials due to technology issues, please contact us on the email address below to arrange a paper copy to be prepared for you. This can be collected from school at a safe time in the week.
If you need to continue work from the previous week or even before, please feel free to complete it in your own time and only move on when you are ready.
Learning surgery
From 12 pm-1 pm each weekday a member of the Y4 team will be available to reply to any email queries and questions. 
We are here to help!
Let's celebrate - Show us what you've done!

We would love to see one piece of work emailed in from the children each week. This should be viewed as a celebration of a wonderful piece of work and can be used as a gentle nudge to focus attention on an area of learning. All submitted work will be viewed by their teacher and possibly published on the website. We would like it to be submitted each Friday, please. A gem will be given for the piece of work submitted. 


Please email us one piece of work each week (with either J4, J5 or J6 in the subject) to

We will respond as soon as possible to children's work via the Y4 email account.


Please keep sending in the videos and photos to show us what else you have been getting up to at home. It puts big smiles on our faces.


Watch the online celebration assembly each Friday to see who has won the gem awards for the week in each class. It could be you!


If you have any questions and queries, please do email us or contact the school directly.
All our best wishes.
Mr. Beauchamp, Mrs. Amin, Mrs. Walton, Mr Bainbridge, Mrs. Maycock, Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Blacksell.
Your daily Retrieval Practice starters
Maths lesson 1
Maths lesson 2
Maths lesson 3
Maths lesson 4
Maths lesson 5
Finished your maths and want to be stretched a little further...?
Try these on for size!
Challenge 2 - Carrying cards. 
Click here for the task.
Click here for the answers.
 NRICH maths (@nrichmaths) | Twitter
Click here for 49 Nrich challenges to choose from!
Writing - Reflecting back on the year
Pick up and go writing tasks



Use these resources to support your spelling of common words.


The best way to help you remember them forever (save them in your long term memory) is through regular quizzing and practice.




1. Choose 10 spellings to learn from the spelling lists below.


2. Practice them on your own using the spelling strategies below.


3. Ask an adult to test you after a bit of 'forgetting time'.


4. Practice the ones you got wrong.


5. Choose your next 10 spellings including any old ones that you still need to learn.


6. Adults can informally test you throughout the week on a mixture of spellings learned over the weeks. This helps spellings (in fact, any knowledge) to be saved in long term memory.


These spellings may not need to be learned by everyone. If you are confident when spelling these in your writing, then learn the Y3/Y4 spellings below.


Let us know how you get on!

Theme - The art of Andy Warhol
Warhol in 1983 at his studio, the Factory, with paintings from his Endangered Species series (Brownie Harris/Corbis/Getty Images)
Beat Mr. Bainbridge - The full collection of retrieval quizzes.
Just by regularly testing yourself, you will becoming smarter.
Click, retrieve the knowledge and enjoy...

Oxford Owl online reading.


Read cool books online...Now!


After you have registered on the website you will have access to a whole range of genres appropriate for Year 4 children. There are books to read and audio books to listen to. 


Please click here




Also! Below is a PDF with recommended Y4 book titles. We hope it is useful.





French with Mrs. McDougall - 'Les Fruits' 
1. Watch this video and learn to say and write the French names for a range of popular fruits.
2. Complete the task below to practice what you have learned.
3. Find your fruit bowl and have a go at naming the fruit!
Hmmmm.....TV dinners = no chat!
The Simpsons Eating GIF by Animation Domination - Find & Share on ...
Instead, sit around the dinner table with the family and have fun chats using the conversations starters below!
The Simpsons' Renewed for Season 31 and 32 at Fox – Variety