Y4 gallery for home and school learners

Click the link below to see a fabulous video of Albert demonstrating his percussion skills. 

The brave, tiny robin sensed danger ahead but just kept ongoing. Meanwhile, a ravenous bird of prey lurked in his den. Just then, the falcon saw the small bird fly past. As he lurched at the creature, the quick-thinking robin rolled under a lush,mossy rock. The robin silently congratulated himself, then he checked to make sure the monstrous bird had gone. As he thought, the falcon had gone. The harmless bird carried on his extra hard challenge. He hoped he’d see his love again because she was a beautiful robin.

By Emma G

Have a look at Daisy's collage of things that help to keep her calm. Maybe you could try one out?
Emma did a very thorough Health & Safety inspection of her kitchen!
Ewan has built a world map out of Lego. Can you name the continents?
Eddy enjoyed listening to music and creating a piece of artwork in the style of Kandinsky-well done!
Here are some of J4's Kandinsky-inspired pieces of artwork.
Emma R has been creative using iron beads to create some continents. Can you work out the continents she has created?
Louis has made some Top Trumps themed on countries of the world. It must have taken a long time to research all the information - literacy rate is a particularly interesting category. Hope you enjoy playing them!
Look at Albert's fabulous piece of art. It must have taken hours to draw every individual dot!
Emma has created a wonderful jigsaw of the Continents. Well done!
Georgia made her world map out of bread dough. There are cheese deserts, spinach forests and mountain ranges!
Super job, Georgia.
Daisy has created a home fit for any Borrower family. We love the tiny piano! Well done Daisy!
Louis has used leaves to create his map. The purple leaves represent mountains, the yellow ones are frost and ice and the brown leaves are deserts. 
Toby's world map is making us all hungry. What a sweet idea!
This is Stanley's map.
North America looks pretty tasty, Stanley!
Great job.
I imagine that the Borrowers will feel very snug and relaxed in this house that Rosie has made for them!
Annie's Borrowers world, under the floorboards.
Well done Annie. It's so detailed and well thought out.
Grace has created a very cosy world for her Borrowers room.
Can you spot what she has borrowed?
Superb work, Grace.
Great job Dash!
You've borrowed some great items from the human beans!
Emma's Borrowers house. We love the use of Lego cards for the rug! Well done.
Oscar used Lego to build his Borrower's house. He even made a mini lemon drizzle cake. It looks delicious!
Edie 'borrowed' items from around her house to create a home fit for any family of Borrowers. Fabulous!
Look at Alice's Borrowers house!
Brilliant work, Alice.
Look at the lovely washing line that Sofia has made.
What a cosy house for a family of Borrowers.
Just take a peek inside Tess's fantastic Borrowers home...
What have they borrowed?
Will they be discovered?
Super work Tess!
Two things to point out here:
1) Annie has made a fantastic ukulele.
2) She can play a brilliant tune on it!
Awesome work Annie!

This is just one of the wonderful videos Stanley sent in.
I feel this clip captures his talent for creativity and having fun, perfectly!
Excellent work Stanley...
Introducing the Trumpepperot...I think!

Dash has literally worked his socks off making this guitar out of household materials.
We are proud of your hard work, Dash!
Have a look at Oscar's fabulous science videos. He has been exploring how sound is made and how you can vary the pitch of a sound.
We think he might be destined for a career on t.v!

Louis has made this harmonica out of two lollipop sticks, two loom bands, two matchsticks and some paper. Have a listen! Very impressive, Louis!
I managed to paint and put on some sweets. I hope everyone likes it. 

Thank you Mr Beachamp and J6
Fabulous work, Dash.
Well done.
Emma has created a Continent jigsaw. What a great effort!

Look at Dash's House of factors project! It's such a clever idea.
Can you make something similar to this for the product 60?
Matas has sent in a piece of 1980's inspired woodwind and 808 drum kit electronica mash up! Mr. Beauchamp's favourite.
Click here to hear it.
Can you hear when the pitch changes up and down?
Thanks for sharing Matas. 

Fatimah has composed a funky, hypnotic groove.
Well done Fatimah.
Thanks for sharing.

Alex Goode presents....


Kids Sports Week

Description: sports week is a week to get people moving. Each day of the 1st week of March there will be a different activity to do.Thanks for reading , Alexandra Goode.
Monday 1st mar
Go for a 3k run (1.864 miles)
Notes: remember a run not a sprint. You can take as many breaks as you need, I recommend for beginners every 6 mins you take a break or for pros you could do it when you get half way through or even no break.
Tuesday 2nd mar
Today you are going to do catching. You can catch with tennis balls , footballs, basketballs or any other balls. See how high you can throw it and how many catches you can get and even try to throw it at a target.
Notes: remember that you are not competing against any other person it is just fun but if you want to compete against someone you can compete against your family members.
Wednesday 3rd mar
Do some sprinting and play tag. Go in an area and run around it 10 times minimum and ask a parent or guardian to time you. Once you have done that try again and try to beat you personal best. Notes: lay out some cones and touch the ground every time you get to the corners.
Thursday 4th mar
Today is about a beautiful game football. Get out your football net or if you don’t have one get two objects and mark them off as a goal post. You and your family can take it in turns to be the goalie and do shots at the goalie. Notes: if you like you can do a family football match at the end.
Friday 5th mar
Go cycling or if you don’t have a bike go on a scoot or simply just a run.
It can be to a local park or on a long trail. Notes: if you go on a road be careful. If you are looking for a local trail forge dam is recommended.
Saturday 6th mar
Today’s activity is stand still long jump. All you do is stand still then do a long jump. If you have anything to measure with you can measure the length of your jump. Notes: remember to try and beat your record.
Sunday 7th mar
Today is the last day so there is games to celebrate going through this process but first complete an exercise under here. This is how to do a jive.
Well done !
You have completed this weeks activities
Now you can do some fun games
You have done an amazing job
Hope you’ve had a great week completing this activities
Don’t worry if you have not done all the days

Preview YouTube video Dance Classes with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure
Dance Classes with Oti Mabuse & Marius Iepure
Click here
Eddy created a fantastic globe. And is that a map in the background too? We are very impressed, well done!
Georgina's Zentangle creation.
Thanks for sharing, Georgina.