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Dear Parents/Carers.


Welcome to all Year 4 Parents. We hope you and your family had a fabulous summer.

We would like to invite you to become a reader of our class blogs.  You might be wondering ‘what is a blog?’ Well, a blog is essentially a website or an online space where a class can access, display and share learning/information with an authentic audience.


We can use our Blog to:


  • Create an online community for our students and their parents

  • Share students’ work and learning (providing a real authentic audience)

  • Provide up to date information on what is happening at our school

  • Integrate multimedia of all descriptions (videos, photo stories, podcasts)

  • Receive feedback (we would love to receive your comments and suggestions)

  • Provide opportunities for students to read (posts), write (posts and comments)


As you can see, the blog is an amazing tool that has huge potential to enhance children's learning.

On the blog students will be identified by first name only in their posts.  (No other personal information i.e. address, last name, family information will appear on the blog).

Follow the links to access the class blogs.

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Park trip

Thank you to all parents, teaching staff (especially Mrs. Walton who planned this epic experience), and the Year 4 children for making the park trip on Tuesday such a brilliant opportunity to empathise with a variety of challenges that face some children travelling to school around the world.



Y4 parent drop ins this week

Hopefully the invite that your child made last week made it home and this is not new information to you!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 20th September, from 3-3:30pm, to call in to your child's classroom and learn about what the children have been working on in their first few weeks in Year 4.

We will also be giving you a run through on how to use 'Timetable Rockstars', the official HBJS timestables online platform.

Best wishes

The Y4 team.


Year 4 writer's toolkit


Hello there.

Click on the document below to access the official Y4 writer's toolkit. It lets you know all the ingredients that make up an excellent year 4 writer. We advise that you practise these skills and then use them creatively in your writing, in school and at home.


Best wishes


Y4 Team



Year 4 have launched their new theme using the context of Amazonian tribes in South America.


The children will be investigating this central idea:


The place where people live influences what they believe, think, feel and how they behave.


Children will be following these lines of enquiry:


  1. Where is the Amazon and who lives there?
  2. What are the similarities and differences between ourselves and Amazonian Indians? (Looking at connection)
  3. How do different cultures express themselves through dance? (Looking at function)
  4. How do Amazonian Indians interact with their environment? (Looking at causation)

Please us the Knowledge Organiser below to look at the powerful knowledge the children need to learn in this unit. You can help them by quizzing them on key facts and researching further into their own areas of interest linked to the theme.




The Y4 team


Go onto TTRs for the latest updates on the J5 Vs J6 battle! 
Who will win the first duel?



Building long lasting memories


In Y4, the children are using regular retrieval quizzes to help form strong and accessible memories of key learning.


Our three areas for retrieval are currently:


1) The 6 times table.

2) Commonly misspelt words such as: there, their, they're, wear, were, where and we're.

2) Writing accurate sentences, using OCFAN as a reminder.


One idea per sentence

Capital letters for the start of a sentence and proper nouns

Full stops to end each sentence (or !?)

Accurate key spellings

Neat and joined up handwriting


You can help at home by quizzing your children on these!


This week the Y4s will be taking part in the annual HBJS Readathon!

Children will be reading for up to two hours in silence to earn their sponsorship.

Monies raised will go directly to buying amazing new books for all children to enjoy.


Thank you for your support.

To support our current string of themes, Year 4 children and staff have been enjoying reading the fantastic book 'Explorer' by Katherine Rundell. How long could you survive in the Amazon rainforest without provisions!?


Underpinning our unit themes at HBJS, are the key concepts which help pupils to consider deeper and underlying principles across their learning experiences. Please discuss the meaning of these concepts with your child and ask them to talk about them at any opportunity!


Can they find examples of responsibility and reflection in their home lives? What causes things to happen in the world? What function does a TV remote control have?  Can they see an argument from two different perspectives?


We will be looking at three in particular in our next theme after half term…Watch this space!



People can make a positive change to the rainforest environment.


This is the central idea that will drive the Y4's newest theme unit of learning in Autumn 2.


The children will be learning about the impact of deforestation, the importance of the water cycle together with the concepts of responsibility, causation and form.


Please download, read and discuss the new knowledge organiser. This is the central body of knowledge, facts, ideas, images and vocabulary that each child is expected to master by Christmas 2019. Please help your child to learn the powerful knowledge by using fun quizzes and memory games.





The children will be learning about multiplication, division and worded problems next half term.


Please share this Knowledge Organiser with your child to understand and practice the powerful knowledge and vocabulary required to master this unit.


Again, as with all knowledge organisers, it is most effective when used to test and strengthen the recall of the key facts. Times Table Rock Stars will help significantly in this unit as they approach multiples of 6,7,9,11 and 12.


As part of our drive to improve children's Vocabulary and Oracy skills, the Y4s will be working on how we use our bodies when we perform in front of an audience.

This half term, the Y4 children will be studying and enjoying these two fantastic texts linked to How we share the planet.
Here are a selection of some of the tribal masks created by the pupils in Mr. Bainbridge's class. 
Leanimal’s Mobile Zoo visit.
As part of our enquiry into ‘How we share the planet’, the children will be learning about the
rainforest. To help the Y4 children understand about how animals are adapted to their environments, and as part of our science work on classifying animals, we have invited a company called ‘Leanimal’s Mobile Zoo’ into school on Wednesday 20th November 2019. This is a very exciting opportunity for the children to learn about a range of animals that can be found in the rainforest and will include a one hour hands-on workshop per class.
The cost of this experience is £1.74 per child. We are asking parents and carers to make a voluntary payment online via Squid to support the financing of the trip.
Thankyou for your continuing support.



This term in Year 4, we have been learning about the Rainforest and how it supports all life on earth. We learned that the rainforest is structured into layers called the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. We also discovered how animals have adapted to live in these layers.


Leanimals Mobile Zoo visited our classroom and we were given the chance to hold a snake, tarantula and a cockroach!  Well some of us did!


One animal we studied in depth was the orang-utan. These amazing mammals are endangered because of deforestation, which is the clearing of a wide area of trees. One of the primary causes of deforestation for palm oil plantations. Palm oil is found in half of all packaged food in the supermarket. By looking at the labels on products such as chocolate and shampoo, we can choose those that do not contain unsustainable palm oil. By doing this we can go some way to stopping the harm to the rainforest caused by deforestation.


Emily made the decision not to take part in the Y4 Leanimals handling experience and instead spent her time composing a persuasive letter to raise greater awareness about animal welfare. We are so proud of Emily and the way she expresses her opinions and beliefs. Here is a photo of her letter.
Thankyou to all parents and carers who supported the Y4 Rainforest cafe last half term. It was a soaring success and raised around £100. All profits will be ploughed back into the year group to help fund a future design and technology project in the Summer term.
Best wishes.
The Y4 team
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Year 4 children, parents and carers! 
Our forthcoming central idea for Spring 1 is entitled:

Invaders and Settlers have shaped the Britain we know today.


Pupils will be following these lines of enquiry over the half term:


1. What was the Roman Empire and why did it invade Britain?

2.What changes did the Romans bring to Britain?

3. Who were the Anglo Saxons, and why did they invade and settle in Britain?

4. How did British life change under Anglo Saxon rule?


As always, please share and discuss the knowledge organiser with your child to help them become confident in the underpinning facts needed to succeed in their learning. Regular testing of the vocabulary, key dates and facts will help your child build strong long term memories that will help significantly when they apply their learning later on in the term during their Castleton residential.


Best wishes.


The Y4 team.



Parent Workshop - Times Table Tuesdays 

Dear parents and carers,


Starting from Tuesday 14th January, all Y4 parents are invited in to their child’s classrooms from 8:40 to 9:00 for a 20 minute times table workshop. This will be on offer each Tuesday unless communicated otherwise. Children will be playing fun number games, testing one another, using ICT, and counting in multiples to help strengthen their times table skills.


By the end of Year 4, learners are expected to recall all times tables from up 12 x 12. Please continue to support your child in achieving this stretching target by quizzing them on mixed facts regularly at home to build up their memory and encouraging them to play Times Table Rock Stars.



Best wishes


The Year 4 team

How might Celtic tribes have lived in pre-Roman Britain?
What might their villages have looked like?
What jobs and chores needed doing to ensure survival for the tribe?