School closure learning



At the moment, both our school website and the websites we have suggested for distance learning are experiencing high levels of traffic making them run very slowly. We are aware of this but, at the current moment can do very little to resolve the issues.


Many parents are ringing the office and sending e-mails to the school office to ask for help with this. As you can appreciate, we only have a skeleton number staff within school  whose main priority is to care for those children within school at this time, however we can offer a few practical suggestions:


    1. Although we have provided an outline timetable for your day, feel free to be flexible with this and move lessons around. This should make each website run quicker.

    2. The MyMiniMaths website appears to be running slower than the other websites on offer. MathsBot (Also, linked on the school web pages) appears to be running much quicker so feel free to use that. Over time, we will add further resources to the school website so please keep an eye out for these.

3.      Questions related to learning can be directed to the year group specific e-mails where we will be able to support you :


As we are currently running on a minimum level of staffing within school, please can the school office only be contacted in the event of an emergency.


We understand that these are strange times and that everyone is trying their best to continue their children’s education. Please be assured that we will work as hard as possible to make sure all children are able to access the materials we have provided. Keep checking the year group pages on the website as the staff will continue to post videos to try to keep you entertained.



Look after each other.

The Staff at HBJ



Hello and welcome to the Y4 School Closure Learning Page. 


This page is your new virtual learning and communication head quarters whilst the school is closed. 


On here you will find a range of different learning activities and things to do whilst you are not able to go to school. 


This page will also be a place for the adults at school to keep in touch with you. Stay tuned to this page to see what we’re doing with our days, to hear updates about what we’d like you to do and maybe even see a video of Mr Beauchamp reading one of his favourite stories, Mrs Amin making a cup of tea or Mr. Bainbridge watching Teletubbies. Perhaps even one of Mrs. Maycock washing the pots and Mrs Walton ironing some socks. Watch this space!


Take care of yourselves, your families and friends. Know that we are thinking of you and we know you will keep busy doing all the learning you can. Listen to your parents and carers, wash your hands and stay positive. 


We’ll be in touch soon!


Mr. Beauchamp, Mrs. Walton. Mr. Bainbridge, Mrs Maycock, Mrs Amin, Mrs Booth, Mrs McGregor and Mrs Blacksell



Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you are well during these difficult and unusual times. 


This page of the Hunter’s Bar Junior School website is designed to be your one stop shop for all schoolwork and learning whilst school is closed. Please use this page daily to access resources for home learning and to see if there are any updates on what children should be doing.


Each child has been given a red learning book that can be used to record all work achieved in the day. 


Further to Mr Watson’s letter, we recommend that children might want to follow a similar timetable to the one they are familiar with at school. However, we understand that learning will need to be flexible, working around the greatest needs in the household.




  1. For their daily maths, we are recommending that children practice maths skills every day. For example, telling the time, weighing ingredients, dealing with money and fractions.

  1. We would like the pupils to access this maths website 


This website provides daily tasks on a range of different maths topics along with some instructional YouTube videos. We are suggesting that children work through the pages in order. Children might need to do more than one day’s worth of activities on each actual day. It is advised that parents help children access the answers for each task to check for success.


  1. We also recommend daily use of Times Tables Rockstars to support their ongoing mental maths learning.

  1. In addition, children could access the White Rose ‘Problem of the day’.

We would like the children to record their maths work in their red learning books, where possible.


1.  For their daily English sessions, children should first and foremost spend 30 minutes reading their book. If at all possible, some of this time should be spent reading with an adult or older sibling who can support them and question them about their reading to check understanding.

2. Further to this, children should access and use the Pobble 365 website!We love this site! Simply click on the web links and complete the tasks. Again, please record all work in the red book.

Day 1 -

Day 2 -

Day 3 -

Day 4 -

Day 5 -



Day 6 -

Day 7 -

Day 8 -

Day 9 -

Day 10 -

This website gives children a daily image which is the inspiration for a range of English-based activities. The website provides a story starter for children to continue, some reading questions, some sentence work and an art activity (the art could form part of their afternoon theme or topic work).  


Optional extras!
  1. In addition to this, children may wish to keep a diary of their time off. They could record what they have done each day, how they have kept fit, what they have enjoyed and how they are feeling.

Theme and Topic

For their theme and topic sessions, we would like children to visit the following BBC Bitesize websites. A good guide of how much to do would be to take one curriculum area each day. E.g. Science on a Monday, Art on a Tuesday, Geography Wednesday, Science Thursday, Art Friday etc.


Science - look specifically at the Y4 topics covered so far this year. These topics include the following: 


  • Plants

  • Life cycles

  • Humans and the environment


Children may also wish to explore the electricity and magnets sections as these will feature in our next science topic at school. 




Children can explore 

  • Maps

  • Weather and climate

  • Sustainability and plastics 
  • Geography skills section


Some of this will be a recap of previous learning from this year, other parts will be brand new to children. 


Modern Foreign Languages

Children can keep their foreign language skills sharp by practising French here…

and Spanish here…



Children can choose from a range of activities that link to our pencil sketching work which we have been carrying out during our art sessions at school. 

We appreciate that every home is different and we will all have a varied capacity to support our children with their learning away from school. This is not intended to place any undue pressure on you at an already anxious time. It is simply an attempt to give you some structure and advice that may help. 


The Year 4 team will endeavour to update this page frequently to keep in touch with the children and provide any updates about learning at home if they are required or the above information changes. 


If you have any queries about the home-learning or resources please email 



For all other queries and questions please contact: as usual.

At this difficult and unprecedented time, the whole Year 4 team sends our very best wishes to you all. To reiterate Mr Watson’s message from the previous letter, we would urge you all to help each other as much as possible and especially to look out for the most vulnerable in our community. We are sure that the Hunter’s Bar community will rise to the current challenge and become stronger for it.


As always, we are here to help if we can. 


Take care of each other and stay safe. We’ll be in touch again soon.

The Year 4 Team

Mr. Beauchamp, Mrs Walton, Mr. Bainbridge, Mrs Amin, Mrs Maycock, Mrs Booth and last but not least...Mrs. Blacksell

Done some work you want to share?
Created something cool?
Found an amazing new fact out?
Feel like telling us what you've been up to?
Great! Then ask an adult at home to video or photograph whatever it is you want to share and email it to: 
...and if we can, we'll get it up on the Y4 page for all to see!


From now on, photo a video updates from teachers, teaching assistants and pupils can be found on a separate page in your year group. This is so that we can keep this page focused on the learning you need to be doing at home. Make sure the check in with both this page and the new photo and video page so that you know what learning you need to be doing and get to keep up to date with the latest videos and pics we send out. 

Take care everyone.