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Dear Parents/Carers.


Welcome to all Year 4 Parents. We hope you and your family had a fabulous summer.

We would like to invite you to become a reader of our class blogs.  You might be wondering ‘what is a blog?’ Well, a blog is essentially a website or an online space where a class can access, display and share learning/information with an authentic audience.


We can use our Blog to:


  • Create an online community for our students and their parents

  • Share students’ work and learning (providing a real authentic audience)

  • Provide up to date information on what is happening at our school

  • Integrate multimedia of all descriptions (videos, photo stories, podcasts)

  • Receive feedback (we would love to receive your comments and suggestions)

  • Provide opportunities for students to read (posts), write (posts and comments)


As you can see, the blog is an amazing tool that has huge potential to enhance children's learning.

On the blog students will be identified by first name only in their posts.  (No other personal information i.e. address, last name, family information will appear on the blog).

Follow the links to access the class blogs.

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Park trip

Thank you to all parents, teaching staff (especially Mrs. Walton who planned this epic experience), and the Year 4 children for making the park trip on Tuesday such a brilliant opportunity to empathise with a variety of challenges that face some children travelling to school around the world.



Y4 parent drop ins this week

Hopefully the invite that your child made last week made it home and this is not new information to you!

We look forward to seeing you on Friday 20th September, from 3-3:30pm, to call in to your child's classroom and learn about what the children have been working on in their first few weeks in Year 4.

We will also be giving you a run through on how to use 'Timetable Rockstars', the official HBJS timestables online platform.

Best wishes

The Y4 team.


Year 4 writer's toolkit


Hello there.

Click on the document below to access the official Y4 writer's toolkit. It lets you know all the ingredients that make up an excellent year 4 writer. We advise that you practise these skills and then use them creatively in your writing, in school and at home.


Best wishes


Y4 Team



Year 4 have launched their new theme using the context of Amazonian tribes in South America.


The children will be investigating this central idea:


The place where people live influences what they believe, think, feel and how they behave.


Children will be following these lines of enquiry:


  1. Where is the Amazon and who lives there?
  2. What are the similarities and differences between ourselves and Amazonian Indians? (Looking at connection)
  3. How do different cultures express themselves through dance? (Looking at function)
  4. How do Amazonian Indians interact with their environment? (Looking at causation)

Please us the Knowledge Organiser below to look at the powerful knowledge the children need to learn in this unit. You can help them by quizzing them on key facts and researching further into their own areas of interest linked to the theme.




The Y4 team


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