J6 Thursday 15.7.21- Remote learning

We are nearly there! Tomorrow we will all be back in J6 for our last day before the Summer holidays.
It will be a lovely day full of celebrations and great times together.
In the morning we will be going to the park! Woo Hoo!
Here is a checklist of things you need to bring in tomorrow: 
1. Please bring in a few plastic bags to take your exercise books home in. These will give you some great memories from the year.
2. It is a non-uniform day!
3. Sun Cream
4. Water bottle
5. A reading book
6. A picnic blanket
See you tomorrow.
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The Y4 daily well-being check-in
Have you asked yourself the 8 self check questions today?
1. Have I connected with friends and family today?
 connect Icon 348257
2. Have I exercised today?
Exercise Icon 14930
3. Have I eaten a balance of food groups today?
health eating Icon 2670941
4. Have I drunk enough water today?
Water Bottle Icon 2455113
5. Have I completed my work today?
procedure Icon 52863
6. Have I created something today?
creativity Icon 476601
7. Have I shown my gratitude to others today?
gratitude Icon 1561336
8. Have I engaged with nature today?
Garden Icon 641931
Fun and quick mental maths games to play
Try your luck on URBrainy. Click here to play.
Why not try out these energetic mental maths games to help you get quicker at calculations? Click here to enter Mathsframe.
Try your luck on the 'Daily 10 game'. Click here to play.
Here is today's math video.
Go Deeper - Shady symmetry
Click here for today's Go deeper task.
Reading For Pleasure - Ourboox
Please aim to read a book (or two) for at least 20 minutes per day.
For your last history lesson, you will be learning about the Vikings in Britain.
1. Read the important facts about the Vikings coming to Britain and then answer the quiz questions. 
2. Complete the Viking tasks. Click the links below.
Learn about the Vikings in Scandinavia.
Click here to learn more.
History and art
Choose from some of the Viking art and craft activities below.
You could draw/ paint/ make a Viking longboat or write your name in Viking runes!
How to Draw a Viking Ship · Art Projects for Kids
This is a real Viking longboat excavated in Norway:
Norway excavates a Viking longship fit for a king - BBC News
Watch Newsround - CBBC Newsround
Watch today's Newsround to keep up with daily news from around the world.
Click here to watch it.