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This Week's Homelearning - 06-07-20

Hi everyone and welcome to the penultimate week of Y6. We're still trying to maintain an element of normality so this week we'll be continuing lessons as normal.
In writing, we're going to be doing a piece of writing every year 6 class for the last 10 years has done - Alma. This is a piece of writing based on a short video and your job will be to rewrite the whole story, creating something weird and wonderful. You have two weeks to do this, so make them good.
In reading, we will be continuing to look at the Louis Sacher novel, 'Holes'. 
In maths, there are two options this week. Option number 1 is ratio. Some of you may have already done these lessons. If you have, there is an alternative plan looking at co-ordinates. It's up to you which one you follow.
Finally, topic this week (and next week) is a series of lessons looking at some of the challenges that may arise during the transition to secondary. There are a series of lessons to follow with presentations and videos attached. These are specifically designed for people going to secondary this year so will look at some of the unique challenges you face. 
Finally, Monday, 6th July will be the last day for your year books entries to come in. After that, the teachers will be putting a final version together and asking parents for final permission to share them with all the people who took part. Anything that comes in after Monday will not be included. Thank you for all those who have sent them in so far. They're great.
Have a lovely week everyone.