Y6 Learning Blog

This year, the learning blog will be created by the children. The teachers will occasionally add details but it will be the children who choose most of the content. Hopefully, this will give you a great idea of what the children are enjoying and excited about and give you a flavour of our learning.
 This half term instead of the teachers writing the blog we are. Its the start of the school year and year 6 have been looking at how schools in different countries teach their children. We started looking at Australia compared to the UK and now have moved on to Syria. Our favourite countries were Brazil and China because the timing of the day was interesting. Y6 are looking forward to Thornbridge.
Thonbridge . Where to start? On the first day we all came in with our big suitcases, excited about the three days ahead.After what felt like a three hour coach ride , we finally arrived at THORNBRIDGE! We split into our groups , collected our coats and wellies and started the activities. Two groups did the challenge and the other doing the sky ropes. Two adventurous days later, we sadly had to leave Thornbridge having done canoeing and many other activities. Soon to find out, that our new topic was looking after our oceans.
Yesterday our school did a poetry competition and the poems were preformed by 12 individuals, one from each class. This years theme was change. A professional poet came in and preformed a poem for us.   
This week, the children have been out in the local area looking at the impact of pollution and littering in their local environment. They were shocked to discover that there was a piece of litter for every metre of pavement we surveyed. They also noted that 1 in 10 cars parked on Sharrowvale Road were sat with their engines idling pumping harmful fumes into our yard. One of these cars was a police car which the children found very surprising.
They are using this data in the literacy work they are currently doing. We are writing letters to local businesses to ask for some support to help us build a living wall out of plastic bottles. The children hope that by using local data they can really strike a chord with businesses.
As Thornbridge is over, we are ready to start our new topic theme. We will be looking at the effects humans have on our natural environment - specifically focusing on our impact on the oceans. We will be creating some sculptures as part of our design technology, researching the impact of plastic pollution on the oceans and trying to make a tangible difference to our local environment. We hope the children will come away with a real sense of social responsibility and a greater awareness of the impact of their choices on the world we live in.
We've written our letters, sent them out and now we're ready to move onto our new theme, looking at the differing views on where humans come from. We will be studying Darwin, looking at evolution and exploring how the major world religions view the question. We will also be thinking towards our carol concert and our Christmas enterprise work where we will be making plant pots out of recycled plastic bottles.