Hunter's Bar Junior School
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Meet the Inclusion team

Welcome! Meet the team:
Mr David Preston                             Inclusion manager

Mrs Susannah Williams                    Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Medicines Manager

Mrs Keeley McGregor                       Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Ashwa Abdullah                         Learning Mentor 


Year 3

Mrs Joanne Mather                           Teaching Assistant Level 3       

Mr Andrew Fairweather                     Teaching Assistant Level 3                

Mr Clive Fairweather                         Teaching Assistant Level 2


Year 4

Mrs Nancy Silvester                           Teaching Assistant Level 3

Miss Rachel Newton                           Teaching Assistant Level 2

Mrs Saima Ahmed                              Teaching Assistant Level 2


Year 5

Mr Thomas Hewson                            Teaching Assistant Level 3

Mrs Kristina Booth                              Teaching Assistant Level 2   


Year 6 

Mrs Louise Blacksell                            Teaching Assistant Level 3 & Medicines Manager

Mrs Sajida Khurram                            Teaching Assistant Level 2


Dedicated Inclusion team

Mrs Susannah Williams                       HLTA and Medicines Manager

Mrs Keeley McGregor                          HLTA