Support for home

As a school, we don't routinely ask children to do specific home learning. However, as a parent, you may want to work with your child on something they are finding either tricky or interesting. This section gives you some ideas for how to support your child or to give them some addition opportunities to explore ideas.
Here is a list of links to websites which provide additional opportunities for your child.
BBC Bitesize - a great set of varied topics
Times Table Rockstars - Our school approach to times tables
Third Space Learning - A really smart website with loads of research based activities. This link takes you to an article about games you could play together at home
The Maths Shed - A slightly more complicated site but full of great ideas if you're willing to spend some time exploring
Maths Frame - Online playable games for reinforcing key facts
Top Marks - Another set of playable online games

White Rose Maths

Individual one-minute tasks focus on adding and subtracting – and on ‘Subitising’, the skill of instantly recognising the number of items in a group without counting. Multiplication and division topics are also available.

How to use it?

Your child can choose any topic they want to try. They then answer a unique series of questions (so it’s a different set of questions every time). If they’re struggling with a question, a ‘Hint’ button will give a helpful clue by showing the question in a different but familiar way.

When the one minute’s up, they’ll see a feedback screen telling them how they’ve done.