Sports Day 2021

Hunter's Bar Junior School Sports Day (Saturday 19th - Friday 25th June 2021)

Our Sports Day again this year, will be slightly different to the traditional one we have held in the past. To keep in line with our risk assessments, all Sports Day activities are to be done in class bubbles over the week of the 19th-25th June (during National School Sports Week). Staff will use their PE lessons as well as any other active time they can, to have all pupils in their class compete in the challenges. The pupils' individual scores will then be added to their Gem Families total and feed into a wider school competition. As we have throughout this year the emphasis will be on "personal best" for the pupils and looking for pupils to improve on their individual scores. 
HBJ Sports Day 2021 website-The Sports Day challenges were chosen and had a heavy input from the Sports Council (including on how to make them inclusive). The children will do seven activities in school. The final one, The Stair Climb Challenge is an activity that is to be done outside of school and can be done in a team of up to 9 people (with anyone from anywhere able to take part). See below to see the PDF document and submit scores (by clicking stair climb challenge (challenge #8).
The challenge guidance videos (Tips & Training videos) are based around the challenges. They are designed so that pupils can practice skills based around the challenges at home with minimal/modified equipment.

Stair Climb Challenge (Challenge #8)

15 stairs = 1 floor  


This is a challenge for you to try at home, whether you go it alone or in a team of up to 9 people. 


Select one of the buildings (or mountains!) and challenge yourself to climb the amount of floors during this week. This challenge is for the whole HBJ (& wider) community. Challenge your parents and their work colleagues to get involved! Remember this must be done going up stairs (no counting floors on your Fitbits and smart trackers)!

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Over this year Hunter's Bar Juniors have put the wellbeing of all pupils (and staff) at the forefront of everything we've done.

During Our "Sports Day week" we want pupils to continue to Learn (something new), Connect (with friends and family), Take Notice (of how they are feeling-Can they recognise their zone of regulation), Give (help to others and themselves) and Be Active (to improve their physical and mental health).

These things we feel are vital, to help pupils look after themselves not only now but as they continue to grow and develop.