Virtual Sports day June 2020

Hunter's Bar Junior School Virtual Sports Day (Thursday 25th - Sunday 28th June 2020)

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To relook at the training videos you can access them through YouTube as well as the Tips and Training videos page on the HBJ-VSD Website. 
For our Virtual Sports Day, our pupils (and staff) managed...
To cover a distance 159, 369 metres (approx 99 miles-Mrs Wales and her bubble ran a combined marathon!-26 miles).
To balance on one leg for a combined time of 18, 037 seconds (approx 300 minutes /5 hours).
To do 352 kick-ups using a ball or object.
To throw and catch a ball or object with one hand or with two hands 738 times.
To hold a plank for 10, 632 seconds (approx 177 minutes/3 hours)
To do 1,436 push-ups (this was the closest competition with Sapphire doing just one more push-up than Emeralds!)
To jump side to side 5, 232 times